O luna in Thailanda - de Paul Negoescu - 2012

A night of indecision

A „young” Romanian movie, made by a very young director with very young actors, „A month in Thailand” is an X-ray of the feeling of love in contemporary times. An X-ray that is the more convincing as the feeling is more vague and volatile. Conducted in a precise manner by the director’s hand and benefiting from just as precise acting, the movie was screened in a quite a lot of festivals, earning two well deserved awards, too (Sofia International Film Festival, Transilvania International Film Festival).

O luna in Thailanda - de Paul Negoescu - 2012

Director: Paul Negoescu
Scriptwriters: Vlad Trandafir, Paul Negoescu
Cast: Andrei Mateiu, Ioana Anastasia Anton, Sînziana Nicola, Victoria Răileanu,
Tudor Aaron Istodor, Raluca Aprodu, Ionuț Grama
Produced by: Ada Solomon, Smaranda Sterian
Cinematography by: Andrei Butică
Film editing by: Alexandru Radu
Year: 2012
Category: feature film
Genre: comedy, drama
Duration: 84 minutes
Subtitles: english

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The story is set in Bucharest, on New Year’s Eve. Radu discovers he’s not satisfied with his love life and decides to break up with his girlfriend. Soon after, he starts a journey through several parties and nightclubs searching for his ex-girlfriend. But is she the woman he really needs?

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„A month in Thailand” is a Romanian film about love in the year 2012. While other Romanian films about love are burst with conflict, psychological analysis or philosophy, this one is certainly an exception. The main character, Radu, seems to be seeking the „eternal feminine”, but he doesn’t have the stature needed for such quest. Neither the world around him (the world of yuppies feeling the Bucharest clubs) has it.

Thus, on New Years’ Eve, between an old relationship recently abandoned and on the run to recover an even older one, Radu can’t feel anything but emptiness. Yet, what he doesn’t know is that the emptiness lies deep down inside him.


A month in Thailand seems to me a local replica of the masterpiece La Dolce Vita, in which Marcello, Fellini’s hero, a prisoner in his decadent world, becomes unable to respond to innocence. Of course, here the main characters are not the aristocrats, stars and paparazzi in Rome, but yuppies in Bucharest, but with similar hedonistic and pragmatic motivations.” (Mihai Fulger – aarc.ro )

„Maybe A month in Thailand, which is, after all, the story of a more or less love triangle, would deserve a larger debate in the context of an analysis of the couple theme in the new Romanian cinema and, why not, in the contemporary Romanian society.” (Cristina Corciovescu – aarc.ro )


„We’re going to Thailand around March. It’s a present from Radu.
What’s gotten into you?”

„I can’t have a good time in a place like that!”

„I don’t think there is enough between us… to keep us together.
There is enough between us.”

„What is it about then?
Nothing specific.”

„I mean… you’re the one I’ve felt the happiest with…”


  • Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film – Belgium, 2012
  • Thessaloniki Film Festival – Greece, 2012
  • Angers European First Film Festival – France, 2013


  • Nomination: International Critics’ Week Award, Luigi De Laurentiis Award, Venice Film Festival – Italy, 2012
  • Nomination: Golden Eye Award, Zurich Film Festival – Switzerland, 2012
  • Nomination: Best First Feature Film, Gopo Awards – Romania, 2013
  • Nomination: Grand Prize for Best Feature Film, Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema – Germany, 2012
  • FIPRESCI Prize, Sofia International Film Festival – Bulgaria, 2013
  • Best Debut in Romanian Film, Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2013

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