Fulfilled dreams.

Baby Nap - animation by Paul Muresan - CINEPUB

Animation: Paul Mureșan
Animation assistent: Liviu Pop
Year: 2014
Genre: short animation
Duration: 5 minutes
Subtitles: english

4,419 – Cinepub viewers


A trip into the mind's hidden playground. Follow an unknown character through his mind while he dreams, transforming the night into a very short baby nap filled with new images that describe him in a very peculiar way.

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Paul Mureșan creates a world from scratch, a world without any limits. A book of dreams, fantasies, tangled situations, visual rich constructions, and stolen situations from daily activities. But in the oneiric, everything is creation, color, and pure poetry. The leaves transform into little golden fishes, the dragon carries on its back an illuminated neighborhood, while the shiny moon becomes a bird that flies away. You just have to close your eyes.


  • International Film Festival Anim’est, Award for Best Romanian Film, 2014
  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, Piatra Neamț, Best Romanian Animation, 2014
  • NexT Festival, Villa Kult Award, 2015
  • Dracula Film Festival – Shorts
  • Reel Teal N. Carotina – Experimental shorts