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We gladly present the film “Bear Eye”, signed by Stere Gulea, based on the eponymous novel by Mihail Sadoveanu. The main roles were played by the actors Dragoș Pâslaru, Sofia Vicoveanca, Daniela Vlădescu, Iosif Stoian, Dorina Lazăr și Maria Pătrașcu.

Bear Eye - directed by Stere Gulea - CINEPUB - feature film

Directed by: Stere Gulea
Cast: Dragoș Pâslaru, Sofia Vicoveanca, Daniela Vlădescu, Iosif Stoian, Dorina Lazăr, Maria Pătrașcu, Valentin Uritescu, Nicolae Praida, Nicolae Urs.
Script by: Stere Gulea
Producer: Casa de Filme Unu
Cinematography: Florin Mihăilescu
Edited by: Yolanda Mântulescu, Mircea Ciocâltei
Sound: Gheorghe Ilarian, Marius Canini
Year: 1983
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 90 minutes

54,126 – Cinepub viewers


Woodman Culi Ursake suffers a drama after his young wife dies and realizes that all his troubles have started since he saw a bear’s eye.

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Culi, the woodman goes through a real drama, being very affected by the death of his young wife. His suffering is amplified by the loneliness, because he is living in the middle of the nature, and he is very melancholic and anxious. His mother believes that he suffers from charms, and takes him to a witch who fails to decipher what is really in the woodman’s soul.

The salvation seems to come from a wise man who tells him that he suffers from the bear’s eye disease, the name given to the devil’s possession, and things should be straightened out by many prayers and psalm readings. Will Culi overcome this condition or, at least, is his suffering real?

What critics say:

The film, like the novel, is an exemplar – typical, I would say – of a story that, if not carefully viewed or read, to decipher its hidden meaning, remains, at a first apparent level, a linear anecdote, somewhat strange, timeless. The fable, simple, fits in a phrase, existing in the film, as in the book: “Since his wife died, he has turned his face from life.” There is nothing more natural to the hero – the young Culi Ursake woodman from the Beautiful Valley – than the (consuming) pain of his young wife’s death and nothing is more natural than his return to life after a long illness. (Roxana Pană,


  • Actor Dragoș Pâslaru won the Award for best actor at the International Film Festival in Santarem – Portugal.