The „slice of life” in Bucharest, at night

One of the last great interpretations by one of the most important Romanian actors: Ion Besoiu. Film lovers will also discover a remarkable cast: Gheorghe Ifrim, Dorina Lazăr, Toma Cuzin, Alexandru Papadopol, Olimpia Melinte, Dorian Boguță, Tudor Smoleanu, Adrian Titieni.

Bucharest NonStop by Dan Chișu - CINEPUB

Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriter: Dan Chișu
Cast: Gheorghe Ifrim, Toma Cuzin, Tudor Smoleanu, Olimpia Melinte, Dorian Boguta, Alexandru Papadopol, Adrian Titieni, Maria Obretin, Lia Bugnar, Ilinca Manolache, Dan Bordeianu, Lili Sandu
Produced by: Dan Chișu, Codin Maticiuc, LiviuPojoni Jr.
Cinematography by: Liviu Pojoni Jr.
Film editing by: Tudor Pojoni
Year: 2015
Category: feature fiction film
Genre: comedy, drama
Duration: 86 minutes
Subtitles: english

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Just another night at a 24/7 convenience store. Achim, the owner, represents the connection between four stories of some ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations. No matter how different they are, the taxi driver and the hooker, the elderly couple, the lovers and the local conmen, they all have one thing in common: Achim’s nonstop store.

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With this fifth feature, Dan Chișu returns to the urban landscape and cuts a “slice of life” in the transection of a „slice of night” in a Bucharest neighbourhood, where the characters’ stories intersect in the nonstop convenient store, attended by Achim, a rocker who knows the vulnerabilities of all the people who live in the area.

Inspired from minimalist Romanian film creation methods, DanChișu seems to be more interested in the morality of the actions involving the main characters of the four stories, ordinary people in extraordinary situations, as he himself appreciates.

In Bucharest, at night, prostitutes are beaten by their pimps, sneak thieves can cause car crashes on purpose in order to blackmail the other drivers involved, lovers try to get back together with the girlfriends they had cheated on, but each and every one of these people of the night has a good dosage of innocence and a grain of morality, qualities lit up by their interaction with Achim, the convenient store assistant.


“Dan Chișu seems to know, in this fifth film of his, to articulate, without hesitation, the above mentioned intersection of story lines. With one justified exception, he does not linger in one single tonality, he doesn’t let a story settle in comfortably, but leaves it to go to another one, which triggers the shift from comic to dramatic and back. The connection between “inside” and “outside” , is handed over to an unlucky lover whose girlfriend, Dora (Maria Obretin), no longer wants to see him, won’t open the door for him, won’t answer the phone and is not at all impressed by the pebbles thrown at her window by the man, as a message.“ (Magda Mihăilescu –


“He cheated on me!
He admitted it!”
“Who did you think it was? No one’s got the key. We’ve got no one!”
“You’ll be dead, and there’ll be no one to light a candle for me.”
“He’s tanned. And it’s not from the sun.”
“Answer that!
Don’t answer!”
“They’re five women for everyman on Earth. Let’s not upset them.”


  • Transylvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2015
  • Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema
  • SeeFest Los Angeles
  • Munich Romanian Film Festival
  • “Anonimul”Independent International FilmFestival
  • Cairo International Film Festival



  • Best Feature Film (Dan Chisu, Codin Maticiuc), Best Director (Dan Chisu), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Gheorghe Ifrim), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Toma Cuzin), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Olimpia Melinte), Best Actress in a Supporting Role -Dorina Lazar, Best Cinematography (LiviuPojoni Jr.), Best Editing (Tudor Pojoni), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2016:
  • Romanian Film Days Award (fiction feature), Transylvania International Film Festival– Romania, 2016


  • Best fiction feature, Indie Independent Film Makers’ Festival,Bucharest – Romania, 2015
  • Grand Prize, the Trophy of the Romanian Filmmakers and the Award for Best Sound, UCIN – Romania, 2015
  • „Love is Folly” International Film Festival, Best Actor – IonBesoiu, Bulgaria 2016
  • „Coup de Coeur du Jury” Award, Mons International Festival of Love Films 2016, International Competition – Belgium, 2016
  • Best feature (Dan Chișu, DaKino Production), Best Music (Marius Leftărache, Cristian Tarnovețchi, Florin Tăbăcaru, Alexandru Dumitru), UCIN – Romania, 2016