All dreams are now sold out.

In the future the dreams are on sale, because people lost this common “power”. In ”Dreams on Sale”, the director Vlad Buzăianu creates an universe which does not describe the day-to-day reality, but one from a dystopic future.

Dreams on sale - directed by Vlad Buzăianu - CINEPUB

Director: Vlad Buzăianu
Scriptwriter: Vlad Buzăianu, Cristian Petrescu
Cast: Cristian Petrescu, Miruna Blidariu, Oana Sforoi, Amalia Dobre, Ana Mihăilescu Buzăianu
Produced by: Ciprian Tănasă
Cinematography by: Alexandru Pavel
Film editing by: Vlad Buzăianu
Category: short film
Year: 2016
Genre: SF
Duration: 9 minutes
Subtitles: Romanian

11,210 – Cinepub viewers


In a world where people are losing their ability to dream, dreams become a new form of art and a selling product for the rich class.

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”Dreams on Sale”, by Vlad Buzăianu, builds up a universe of the future where it seems that not only dreams have disappeared, but also the humans emotional capacity. One of the rare SF Romanian short films, ”Dreams on Sale” introduces the viewers to a dystopic world where people have become machines for creating dreams.


“All dreams are now sold out. Thank you for attending the show.”

“The invention of the dream recorder device is not a dream anymore. Dream recorder machine is a reality.”


  • Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Romania, 2017
  • Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, IPIFF – Romania, 2017


  • Cyprus International Short Film Festival – Cyprus, 2017
  • Feratum Film Festival – Mexico, 2017