A short film signed by Ioana Grigore about the distance between two people, far from the daily routine of the day.

Flux Reflux - Ioana Grigore - CINEPUB & UNATC

Directed by: Ioana Grigore
Producer: UNATC
Script by: Ioana Grigore, Ioana MIschie
Cast: Andreea Bibiri, Mihai Nițu
Sound: Maria Salomia
Music: Alexandru Sima
Cinematography: Andra Tarara
Edited by: Maria Salomia
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 8 min

6,290 – Cinepub viewers


A couple moves to the seaside and the persistence of the quiet and the lack of daily commotion begin to create a wall between the two.

More details:

Ioana Grigore about the movie:

„Another film I like is the short film “Flux Reflux”, the first contact with the analog film, 16 mm black and white. It’s a movie about a breakup. It started from a play, “Someone is Coming” by Norwegian author Jon Fosse, but turned into another story, keeping only the general idea of ​​the original text. The film is about two people moving alone in a house on the beach, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

But once there, she realizes that’s not what she wants. The old house, the deserted beach, the vast sea creates an immediate need to leave the place. For this film, I went to the sea four times in February-March last year. We filmed in almost all our resorts and saw the winter for the first time. A strong wind was blowing and it was snowing. The water was foamy, so white, and so was the sand, full of snow. It was white everywhere.”


  • SEECS Short Film Festival 2016 – Istanbul – Turcia
  • Transilvania Internațional Film Festival (2016) – Cluj- Napoca, România
  • Student Internațional Film Festival (STIFF) (2016) – Rijeka, Croația
  • Filmul de Piatra (2016)
  • Arkadia Shortfest (2016)
  • Festivalul Internațional de Film Independent ANONIMUL (2016)
  • Paris Courts Devant Ile-de-France (2016)
  • Alcine 46 (2016), Spania
  • “Toamna la Voronet” (2016), Gura Humorului
  • Timishort Film Festival (2016), Timișoara