Hello! How are you? by Alexandru Maftei - CINEPUB

„Fine, what about you?”

The feature fiction of Alexandru Maftei, written by Lia Bugnar is a romantic comedy set in a timeless Bucharest that x-rays in an original way the relationship between two spouses whose marriage is heading, delicately and discretely, towards its end. A Romanian film A Romanian film that was presented in numerous international film festivals and was awarded a number of public and jury prizes.

Hello! How are you? by Alexandru Maftei - CINEPUB

Director: Alexandru Maftei
Scriptwriter: Lia Bugnar
Cast: Dana Voicu, Ionel Mihăilescu, Paul Diaconescu, Ana Popescu, Ioan Andrei Ionescu, Adrian Păduraru, Antoaneta Cojocaru, Ioana Abur, Sabrina Iaschevici
Produced by: Tudor Reu
Cinematography by: Radu Aldea
Film editing by: Mihai Codleanu
Year: 2010
Category: feature film
Genre: romantic, drama
Duration: 105 minutes
Subtitles: english

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“Hello! How Are You?” is the romantic story of Gabriel and Gabriela, husband and wife, who both fell in love with a stranger on the internet. After a couple of nights of crazy chat they think they found the perfect lover. But they don’t know they have found each other. The passionate love for a stranger – but strangely, so familiar – mixes with the guilt for cheating a lifetime partner. Even more confused is their 17 years old son, Vladimir, who notices the love affair of his parents from the perspective of a teenager who is growing up.

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Alexandru Maftei’s feature is one of the few Romanian films kept away from the Romanian daily life’s realities of the time when it was produced.  It is, and at the same time, it is not a Romanian film about a love story, as it is more a movie about a marriage and its changes.

While love is said to “last three years”, it seems to be the goal of Alexandru Maftei’s film to calculate how long a marriage lasts. The difference in years between the two is the measure that guides Gabriel and Gabriela’s life. But, in the online era, even the end of marriages has changed.

While the husband and wife can’t seem to manage to resuscitate their past feelings, it seems that the termination of their marriage matches the times by being a result of the two partners separate participation in a chat room.


„ «Hello! How are you?» directed by Alexandru Maftei seems to be the Romanian version of «Big Brother». Not that the movies contains juicy details such as the show that was successfully broadcasted for tens and hundreds of people, but because it aims to seduce the audience by disclosing emotional relationships inside a family in the Internet era and the activity of the main characters in the chat room is shown as one meant to reveal much more peculiar details than we are used to observe from outside.” (Violeta Ion – www.agenda.liternet.ro )


„Take everything! I don’t wanna see your things around after you’ve left.”

„And when should I get laid? When I’m old and bored just like you and dad?”

„These people teach you as if you already knew it.”

„I sometimes wonder who I take my virility after and I can’t really tell.”

„I know exactly what your silence says.”

„Maybe you forgot, but you aren’t the only loser in this couple.”


  • Cairo International Film Festival, Festival of the Festivals section – Egypt, 2010
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Variety’s Ten European Directors to Watch section – Czech Republic, 2011
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, New Voices/New Visions section – USA, 2011
  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Romania, 2010
  • Brussels International Film Festival, Panorama – Belgium, 2011
  • Bratislava International Film Festival, Antidepressants section – Slovakia, 2011
  • Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Focus Romania – Ireland, 2011
  • Vilnius International Film Festival, “New Europe – New Names” Competition – Lithuania, 2011
  • Washington International Film Festival – USA, 2011
  • Cleveland International Film Festival – USA, 2011
  • Portland International Film Festival, New Directors section – USA, 2012


  • Best 1st Time Director, Special Jury Award, Monaco Charity Film Festival, 1st Time Director/ World Cinema section – Monaco, 2011
  • Audience Award, South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles – USA, 2012
  • Special Jury Award, Iași International Film Festival, Feature Competition – Romania, 2011

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