Hotel California – Noblesse Oblige byCarmen Lidia Vidu - CINEPUB

Short Romanian experimental film, shown at BIEFF Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival and presented on CINEPUB in partnership with the festival.

Hotel California is an interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles. It is actually a metaphor; there are several strange Internet theories and urban legends about the real Hotel California. Some include suggestions that it was an old church taken over by devil worshippers, a psychiatric hospital, an inn run by cannibals or Aleister Crowley’s mansion in Scotland”, the director Carmen Lidia Vidu.

Hotel California – Noblesse Oblige byCarmen Lidia Vidu - CINEPUB

Director: Carmen Lidia Vidu
Image: Horațiu Lazăr
Producer: Carmen Lidia Vidu
Cast: Valerie Renay, Sebastian Lee Philipp
Year: 2013
Category: experimental short film
Duration: 8 minutes

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Dark and sensual, Hotel California is a mesmerizing black and white photo and video collage that tells an intricate tale of toxic relationships, a glimpse through the peeping hole into the protagonist’s memories.

Set to the sultry voice of Noblesse Oblige’s lead singer, in this cover of The Eagles’ famous song, the filmmaker creatively envisions the inner turmoil of a young man remembering a seductive and destructive femme fatale, in a collage of past and present, vulnerability and inner demons.

With a distinctive film noir atmosphere, Hotel California doesn’t talk about a place; hell is not somewhere you go, but something you carry around with you. (Diana Mereoiu, BIEFF 2013)


  • BIEFF Bucharest International Film Festival – Romania, 2013

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