Live by Vlad Păunescu - CINEPUB


Good triumphs over evil, and not so much

A successful TV host. An investigation case. A public scandal. A whirl the characters cannot escape. The viewers are captivated by the human comedy of a small country.

Discover ”Live”, Vlad Păunescu’s debut film. The founder of the independent Romanian film industry and of the world-famous Castel Film studios, Vlad Păunescu is one of the most important Romanian producers and DOPs.

Live by Vlad Păunescu - CINEPUB

Director: Vlad Păunescu
Scriptwriter: Mihai Mănescu, Vlad Păunescu
Cast: Rodica Lazăr, Tudor Chirilă, Crina Tofan, Adrian Titieni, Ioana Blaj, Doru Ana, Claudiu Bleonț, Andrei Huțuleac, Catrinel Dumitrescu
Produced by: Vlad Păunescu, Bogdan Moncea
Cinematography by: Adrian Silișteanu
Film editing by: Dan Nanoveanu, Mihai Cosmin Popa
Year: 2015
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 107 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

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“The press needs to be silent!”, says one of the film characters. Ema, a beautiful and successful TV host of a national TV broadcaster, the star of an appreciated tabloid show, cannot accept this verdict. A complex character, a perfectionist and a careerist, also troubled by existential questions, she has no hesitation in putting her health or money at stake for higher TV ratings. One of her cases brings her in the midst of a huge scandal which will dramatically change her life.

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“Live” is a Romanian film produced and directed in the style of Hollywood movies, presenting Romanian realities. It touches, with its American glamour, through spectacular decors and costumes, subjects that can be found in other Romanian films as well, but it has the touch of the neo-realism imposed by the New Wave in the Romanian cinematography: political mafia at all levels, the huge sums of money spun around apparently “ecological” and “clean” projects, the submission of the media etc.

It is the story of disproportionally huge backstage games for such a small country, but whose characters are tough, built and hardened in ruthless environments. Even if good prevails, it is just one battle won, a small drop in a huge ocean of corruption, seen as a never-healing devil’s mark. Benefiting from the excellent participation of the actors actorilor Rodica Lazăr, Tudor Chirilă, Crina Tofan, Adrian Titieni, Ioana Blaj, Doru Ana, Claudiu Bleonț, „Live” brings a distinct note in the puzzle of Romanian films online on


Live starts with a post-neorealist touch and becomes a psychological film, with glimpses of film noir every now and then; the author intends to make a real investigation in the backstage of a TV station, but actually refers to the backstage of the entire Romanian media.(…) After all, this films is about what we experience nowadays: we live in a world of confusion, with mixed-up and messed up values, a world in which what used to be a fault now is looked upon as a quality, a world in which the politician tends to become a compromised concept and Vlad Păunescu has the courage to speak about all this.” (Laurențiu Damian – )


“If you don’t decide to share it with me, I’ll kill you!”
“What am I going to do with you, child? I don’t have time for anything. 
Make time!”
“You couldn’t care less about the well-being of humanity.”
“If it wasn’t for them, the prowlers, we’d all starve.”
“Who could’ve fired you? (…) You fired yourself.”
“Unfortunately, the secret services will close their eyes at Buzalake. It’s about lots of money that have to be split.”
“Ema, you are my love.”


  • Montréal World Film Festival – Canada, 2015
  • Cairo International Film Festival – Egypt, 2015
  • Bengaluru International Film Festival – India, 2015


  • Special Mention (Crina Tofan), UCIN – Romania, 2015

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