The Carnival that Defeated Time

We present to you the documentary “Masquerade”, signed by Cornel Gheorghiță, about the fascinating world of ancient customs that still exist today in Moldova.

Masquerade - by Cornel Gheorghiță- CINEPUB

Directed by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Script by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Producer: Lapilli Films
Edited by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Sound: Geo Balint
Year: 2001
Category: documentary
Duration: 52 minutes

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In Moldova, at the end of the year, the spirits of the dead come out of the graves and walk through the village. Moldovans meet during pagan winter festivals to ward off evil spirits.

More details:

During the pagan winter festivals, the villagers drive away evil spirits through rituals, customs and ritual dances full of symbolism. The masks and costumes they wear are made by themselves, a tradition that is preserved and passed down from father to son. Anyone can join the pagan winter festivals, their beauty consisting precisely in the diversity of costumes and ways of expression whose ultimate goal is to drive away evil and welcome the new year.


  • Nominee, Academia Film Olomouc (2002), International Documentary Competition.
  • Nominee, Astra Film Festival Sibiu (2003), Best International Documentary.
  • Nominee, FIPA (2003), Short Competition Award, Best Documentary.
  • Nominee, Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (2002), Ulysses Award, Documentary.
  • Nominee, Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival (2001), Indigenous Peoples, Documentary.