The unpredictable Romanian pandemic

We present to you “Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation”, signed by Dan Chișu, a fiction film made while in isolation. Some of the most famous Romanian actors performed, by filming themselves with their mobile phones.

Nine Stories of Love and Hate in Isolation - feature film by Dan Chisu

Directed by: Dan Chișu
Script: Dan Chișu
Cast: Raluca Aprodu, Dan Chișu, Andrei Huțuleac, Alex Bogdan, Ilona Brezoianu, Diana Cavallioti, Cătălina Mihai, Codin Maticiuc, Corina Moise, Silvana Mihai, Constantin Dogioiu, Tudor Istodor
Producer: Dan Chișu (DAKINO PRODUCTION)
Year: 2020
Category: feature film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 87 minutes

12,394 – Cinepub viewers


Exploring the mass isolation concept, the film develops on two fronts: the reality (producing a film through unconventional means) and the story (describing different human typologies during quarantine). COVID-19 starts an unpredictable Romanian pandemic.

More details …

Dan Chişu plays the role of a filmmaker who wants to make a film in quarantine, reflecting the reality/realities in a series of fictions. Each of the nine segments, clearly differentiated by a title, is preceded by conversations (in some cases, real discussions) with the actors and actresses that are going to play the roles.

What critics say:

Among the many art attempts in whose structure the quality was something optional and random, the film embodied by Dan Chişu in a collective creative effort of those co-opted in the project is one of the few assumed artistic products, coherent and somewhat more sincere than general hypocrisy. In an obviously not very well-crafted script, which relies precisely on this easy feeling of experimentation made out of curiosity and boredom, nine amateur and professionally edited stories end in a film about a director trying to make a film in a state of emergency. Dan Chişu is the main character in his own film and his story, the one that tries to convince and explain to the actors what and how to do, is the self-ironic red thread that connects the nine pills of pseudo ciné-verité ad-hoc.  (Alina Epingeac,


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