Perfusion by Ruxandra Ghițescu - CINEPUB


She is home alone.

Ruxandra Ghițescu, a visual artist and cineaste proposes one of those delicate short films with children as main characters, a refined study of child psychology.

Perfusion by Ruxandra Ghițescu - CINEPUB

Director: Ruxandra Ghițescu
Scriptwriters: Ruxandra Ghițescu
Cast: Patricia Poslusnic, Andra Gogan, Răzvan Gogan
Produced by: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan
Cinematography by: Lulu de Dehillerin
Editing by: Mihai Codleanu
Category: short films
Genre: drama
Year: 2010
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles:  english
Territories: –

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Ioana is a little girl who is spending her afternoon alone at home playing computer games and taking care of a virtual family.

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The movie presents a day in the life of a little girl who is home alone. Ioana Petrescu comes back from school, changes her clothes, feeds the fish in the bowl and starts playing a computer game. The game is about a virtual family. Should it be arbitrary chosen?

Should the movie be one of those recent Romanian shorts that approach the theme of loneliness in the world of technology? Should the names of the virtual family members be accidentally chosen identical to the names of Ioana’s neighbors and friends? What about when the Dobrescus’ burn and the scared little girl calls her mother, what family is she talking about, the real one or the virtual one?

The answers are in the movie which is in the Romanian shorts online list of


„Ioana, the blond. Lorena, the whale.”

„Hello, mom?”

„Mom, Andreas is sick and they called the ambulance and the Dobrescu’s are burning because I left the stove on.”

Yes, I turned it off. But not at home, at the Sims…

Mom… won’t you come home? Pleeease…

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