A slightly bitter taste of habits.

The documentary signed by Mirona Radu is produced within the Looking China 2015 partnership between UNATC and China, a film residence during which Romanian students had the chance to develop short films and authentic stories.

Stories in tea cups - Mirona Radu - CINEPUB - UNATC

Director: Mirona Radu
Produced by: Yina Xie
Sound: Mirona Radu
Category: short film documentary
An: 2015
Duration: 11 minutes
Subtitles: English
Films presented with the support of UNATC.

4,534 – Cinepub viewers


Small details of daily life in China are disclosed through tea leaves.

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Behind every tea leaf there is a hidden story. Stories in tea cups is a documentary with living tableaux that reflect not only the obsession for Chinese tea culture but also the therapeutic effects of the moments of consumption.

Many of them regard tea as a therapeutic benefit that helps you make friends much easier, others perceive it as a boost of energy, while for the majority of them drinking tea is a very special tradition, a ritual hard to forget.


”Drinking tea helps me make new friends.”
”Morning tea is a tradition in Guangzhou”.
”The only thing I care is the taste of tea”.
”I may feel uncomfortable if I don’t drink tea for a couple of days”


  • DaKINO Short Film Competition – România, 2016
  • International Student Film Festival (STIFF) – Croatia, 2016
  • DocsDF International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City – Mexic, 2016
  • Sibiu International Documentary Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival – Czech Republic, 2016
  • IPIFF – Romania, 2016
  • Hyperfest International Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Toamna de la Voroneț Festival – Romania, 2016
  • București Docuart Fest – Romania, 2016
  • Filmul de Piatra Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Gopo Awards for Best Short Documentary – Romania, 2016
  • American Chinese Film Festival – USA, 2015


  • Special Mention for Documentary – CineMAiubit, 2015


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