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„It has not been proven yet how the production of this film was possible in the ‘80s, in communist Romania” (Călin Căliman). „The Cruise” is one of the most important Romanian films and is considered „a spearhead of the Romanian cinema in an implausible decade”.

The Cruise by Mircea Daneliuc - CINEPUB

Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Scriptwriter: Mircea Daneliuc
Cast: Tora Vasilescu, Nicolae Albani, Maria Gligor, Paul Lavric, Mircea Daneliuc, Ioana Manolescu, Mihaela Juvara
Produced by: Eugen Mandric, Dumitru Solomon
Cinematography by: Gábor Tarko
Film editing by: Maria Neagu
Year: 1981
Category: feature film
Genre: comedy
Duration: 122 minutes
Subtitles: english
Territories: –

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The best workers from various factories in the communist system are rewarded a cruise on the Danube. This is an occasion to challenge certain mindsets. Every second, the young people are subjected to some kind of educational pressure, which they try to escape through irony and smartness. A cruise destined to be a prize turns into a punishment-cruise, a social act of coercion which is not even understood as such.

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One of the Romanian films made during the communist times, „The Cruise” is a film of masked dissidence, signed by an effigy-director, who became consecrated right from his debut. As critics have remarked, the fact that this Romanian film could be produced in the Romania of 1981 is almost inconceivable.

The message in the subtext of the film is based on the contrast between the youth gang – winners of various contests, rewarded with a cruise – up for fun and living the moment, as their age demands, and „comrade Proca”, in charge of the cruise, constantly obsessed that „everything should be in order”, so that no higher forums should hold him accountable. Therefore, any exception to the norm, any question asked from the freedom of expression end, is sanctioned with the question that already contains the possibility of sentence in it: „What is your name?”

The permanent conflict at the surface (the fight, the scolding), in fact, hide the deep conflict of a society in which the individual is not free. One of the Romanian films in which what is shown/spoken and what can or must be understood underneath reflects extremely fine tuning.  Over all these, a generous glazing of humour is poured, which is often a reflection of the much too Romanian “grin and bear it” approach.

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“It is one of the best cinema parodies made in the countries beyond the Iron Curtain, on the historic farce communism was.” (Ionuț Mareș – )

“Daneliuc uses this clemency to homologate his observations; that is, the stereotype/template of inaugural buoyancy, the stereotype of local guides, the stereotype of the specialists at the adult chicken farm, the stereotype or small social climbers who waste no opportunity to climb a little bit higher, the stereotype of everyday stereotypes, of discussions on pollution, irradiation, antibodies, the “body”, the stereotype of the authoritarian language, the stereotype of protection etc. Therefore, what we have here is a Trojan Horse method. The stereotype is not destroyed from the outside by fighting against it with an unchained mental mindset. It is rather attacked from within, hermetically locked in its own carcase, fed on its own carbon dioxide, and threatened not with beheading, but with suffocation.” (Ecaterina Oproiu – )


“I don’t quite have all my kidneys anymore.

How come? You’re kidding, right?

I had one kidney removed.”

“Wake up! Come on up, up, up!”

“Vladi, Vladi, behave yourself, please.”

“You won’t respect me anymore.”

“I must carry them through to the end. Who else is there to do it?”

“Usually, nothing happens. But kissing somebody means taking a leap of faith.”

“Starting tomorrow, comrade Velicu is in charge of the organized morning drill.”


  • Best Film, Best editing, ACIN – Romania, 1981
  • Best Film, Costinești – Romania, 1981

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