The Flavors Collection by Igor Cobileanski - CINEPUB

Family sacrifices.

Igor Cobileanski writes and directs a movie that fits in the category of Romanian shorts that approach family and children’s drama. „The Flavors Collection” is the story of a boy, Victor, whose childhood is marked by problems bigger than himself.

The Flavors Collection by Igor Cobileanski - CINEPUB

Director: Igor Cobileanski
Scriptwriters: Igor Cobileanski
Cast: George Grâu, Radu Marin Suceanu, Petru Tofan, Ion Curcă, Vitalie Toderașcu, Valentin Gibaltovski, Olga Gutu
Produced by: Valentina Iusuphodjaev
Cinematography by: Veaceslav Cebotari
Editing by: Igor Cobileanski
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2013
Duration: 14 minutes
Subtitles: English

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To get the required daily medication for his mother, Victor and his father resort to the toughest and dangerous solution.

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Part of the segment of shorts on a social theme, the movie directed by Igor Cobileanski x-rays a society that is sunk in poverty. The solutions for survival are absurd and dehumanizing. The story of a poor family, who reached a life and death situation, is presented in a realist, cold and tough manner.

The movie was screened and awarded in international festivals and is part of the selection of Romanian shorts online of Cinepub.


„What should I tell her about the meds? Tonight?
Yes. If she asks. ”

„I saw your dad outside.
Was he drunk?

Please, give me your boots, for today.”

“What do you think, in a fight between Bruce Lee and Tyson, who would win?”
“I think Bruce Lee, he knows karate.”


  • Cairo International Film Festival, “The Cinema of Tomorrow International Program” – Egypt, 2014
  • Namur International Film Festival, “Regards du present” – Belgium, 2014
  • CINE JOVE International Film Festival, International Competition, Valencia – Spain, 2014
  • Busan International Film Festival “Second Competition” – South Korea, 2014
  • Locarno International Film Festival “Pradi Di Domani”, Locarno – Switzerland, 2013
  • Cottbus International Film Festival, European Short film Section – Germany, 2013
  • Brest International Film Festival, International Competition, Clemond Ferrand – France, 2013
  • Cannes Film Festival, Romanian Short Waves – France, 2013


  • Best Director Award– Capalbio International Film Festival – Italy, 2014

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