The Short Way to Far Away by Ilija Piperkoski - CINEPUB

Good things happen when you least expect it

An independent short film produced by Alien Film. Elvira Deatcu, Andrei Roșu and Gabriel Spahiu are part of the main cast. The film tells the story of Maria who is in her forties and feels that her life has come to a dead end. Her daily routine is broken by an unwelcome visitor.

The Short Way to Far Away by Ilija Piperkoski - CINEPUB

Director: Ilija Piperkoski
Scriptwriters: Adina Militaru
Cast: Elvira Deatcu, Andrei Roșu, Gabriel Spahiu, Alice Nicolae, Puiu Lăscuș, Letiția Vlădescu
Produced by: Iuliana Tarnovețchi
Cinematography by: Pătru Păunescu
Film editing by: Tudor D. Popescu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2013
Duration: 29 minutes
Subtitles:  english
Territories: –

24,710 – Cinepub viewers


Maria used to be a famous singer, but her glory days have passed. She is now in her forties, she lives alone in an apartment and she never goes out. Her only visitors are a few students she teaches violin and Mr. Nelu who brings her groceries every week. The daily routine is broken by an unwelcome visitor who ends up changing her life.

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The movie is part of those Romanian short film that approach a heavy emotional topic: loneliness. Maria is a former singer who leaves in a self imposed isolation in an apartment in which no object seems to have ever been moved from its place. The only knocks at her door come from a student whom she teaches an instrument and the owner of the little shop by the block of flats who brings Maria her groceries. Her life unfolds clock-like. Maria seems to have identified herself with her own life’s routine.

One day, at her door there is a neighbor who had a fight with his girlfriend and got locked out of his apartment. At least, this is what Maria is told. In fact, what she might find at her door is the will to live. A delicate film, sensitive, pigmented with humor, to be found in the Romanian short films online list of Cinepub platform.


“Well, you know punctuality is my strongest trait.”

„I am in my bathrobe and…
Don’t worry. I look worse…”

„But why did you two fight today?
„Because I wanted to go to a game tonight and she wanted to celebrate a year and a half since we are together.”

„I once sang with Toto Cutugno.
You must have heard of him.”

“And you couldn’t find someone else? I mean, it’s not like there were no more men in the world?”
“How can you talk to me like this?”

„Well, that is what I’m doing. I enjoy what I have. You, instead, will end up with a bunch of advice and two cats, at best.”


  • Romanian Short Films Platform, Clermont-Ferrand – France, 2015

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