The Yellow Smiley Face by Constantin Popescu - CINEPUB


Too old to learn …?

Cinepub’s list of Romanian shorts is impressive as it approaches a variety of topics, and the one directed by Constantin Popescu treats a topic full of innocence, yet realistic: the joy of the freshly-acquired skill and the revelation of the fact that age makes learning more difficult. A film selected at the Locarno International Film Festival and one of the shorts with a rich festival record.

Romanian short film selected at Locarno Festival.

The Yellow Smiley Face by Constantin Popescu - CINEPUB

Director: Constantin Popescu
Scriptwriters: Doru Lupeanu
Cast: Luminița Gheorghiu, Teodor Corban
Produced by: Alexandru Teodorescu
Cinematography by: Liviu Mărghidan
Editing by: Eugen Kelemen
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2008
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories: Available only in Romania and Republic Moldova

14,523 – Cinepub viewers


A heart-warming comedy about two old computer-illiterate parents having to face technology in order to speak to their son who lives abroad,via Yahoo Messenger.

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Thousands of kilometers lay between the two parents and their son, but technology enables virtual closeness. The short “The Yellow Smiley Face” is the tragic-comic story of two parents who face the challenges of online communication. Their characters are well-shaped, so that they support each other. The mother seems brave, being fearful at the same time, while the father seems more „knowledgeable” from behind the bathroom door, at least, which makes her put her courage to a test.

Certain gender stereotypes are not, therefore, avoided, but made fun at, through the situational filter the two characters are put through. Underneath all that, there’s a lot warmth and care for the vulnerability of the “technologically outdated” people, especially when doubled by their parenthood quality.

This short represents a necessary stop for Romanian film lovers accessing the section of Romanian short films online of the platform


“Hmm… I’ve found one. But it doesn’t have a mellow face.”
“What if we break it? The hell with it. We’ll fix it.”
“Look, it says OPEN. Like the door sign at the store!”
“If we have learned this kind of things long ago, it wouldn’t be so hard now.”


  • Locarno Film Festival – Switzerland, 2008
  • Warsaw Film Festival – Poland, 2008
  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2008
  • Anonimul Film Festival – Romania, 2008
  • Indie Lisboa Film Festival – Portugal, 2009
  • Huesca Film Festival – Spaain, 2009
  • Worldwide Film Festival – Canada, 2009
  • Valencia Jove Film Festival – Spain, 2009
  • In the Palace Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2009


  • Best Film, Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival – Serbia, 2009
  • Second Prize (Public Award), Trieste Film Festival – Italia, 2009
  • Best Script for a Short Film, HBO Contest organized during Transylvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2007

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