This time, last year by Ana Maria Savin - CINEPUB

Short Romanian experimental film, shown at BIEFF Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival and presented on CINEPUB in partnership with the festival.

With a raw aesthetic at the border between diary film and found footage, This Time, Last Year by Ana Maria Savin explores not only the ties of human attachment and its consequences, but also the implications of memory and its deceitful alterations.

This time, last year by Ana Maria Savin - CINEPUB

Director: Ana Maria Savin
Writers: Ana Maria Savin
Image: Andrei Vâlcu, Ana Maria Savin, Teodor Horea
Producer: Ana Maria Savin
Cast: Ana-Maria Preduț, Tatiana Moise, Andrei Ion
Year: 2013
Category: experimental short film
Duration: 14 minutes

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A home-movie shot throughout a weekend in the countryside, THIS TIME, LAST YEAR depicts an almost symbiotic friendship between two girls and what happens when a third person comes between them. The film becomes an audio-visual transposition of a diary page in which memories and feelings are connected in an elliptical way, capturing the irrationality inherent to love.


  • BIEFF Bucharest International Film Festival – Romania, 2013

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