The Mona Lisa without a smile (1967) - by Malvina Urșianu - drama movie online on CINEPUB

THE MONA LISA WITHOUT A SMILE (1967) – drama movie online

A movie that not only discusses the differences between classes in the communist regime, but mostly the anticipation of death and perishability of the human body. As a subject and genre, “The Mona Lisa Without a Smile” is a deeply lyrical and meditative road movie.

Directed by: Malvina Urșianu
Script: Malvina Urșianu
Cast: Silvia Popovici, Ion Marinescu, Gheorghe Cozorici, Lucia Mureșan, Nicolae Radu, Maria Cumbari, Florian Pittiș, Costel Rădulescu, Eugenia Eftimie, Rodica Popescu Bitănescu, Dorin Dron, Adrian Moraru, Peter Paulhoffer, Ion Niciu, Camelia Zorlescu.

John 746 - documentary online on CINEPUB

JOHN 746 (2018) – documentary online

In a room packed with objects of all sorts, a man passes the time painting a remake of Picasso’s Guernica, giving books away and taking care of his dog Bakunin. In a final attempt to reach his audience, he comes up with a plan: the destruction of Art.

Directed by: Ana Vijdea
Script: Ana Vijdea
Cast: Gian Sgromo

Veronica (1973) - by Elisabeta Bostan - fantasy movie online on CINEPUB

VERONICA (1973) – fantasy movie online

Veronica is a cute and lively little girl from an orphanage who receives as a gift from the Fairy of Fairies a wonderful bag, which can fulfill all her wishes, on the condition that she is well-behaved, generous, respectful, and friendly.

Directed by: Elisabeta Bostan
Script: Elisabeta Bostan, Vasilica Istrate
Cast: Lulu Mihăescu, Margareta Pâslaru, Dem Rădulescu, Vasilica Tastaman, Angela Moldovan, George Mihăiță, Mihai Stan, Vali Niculescu, Cornel Patrichi, Ștefan Thuri

Life Does Not Forgive - drama movie online on CINEPUB

LIFE DOES NOT FORGIVE (1957) – drama movie online

Based on the novellas by Alexandru Sahia: ‘The Death of the Young Man with a Short Term‘, ‘The Father’s Return from War‘, and ‘On the Blood Plain of Mărășești,‘ this drama unfolds.

Directed by: Manole Marcus, Iulian Mihu
Script: Iulian Mihu, Manole Marcus, Alexandru Sahia (novel)
Cast: Emil Botta, Lazăr Vrabie, Dana Comnea, Nicolae Enache Praida, Angela Chiuaru, Mircea Balaban, Vasile Ichim, Romulus Neacsu, Ilie Duțu, Marius Rucăreanu

Memories of my childhood (1965) - by Elisabeta Bostan - adventure movie online on CINEPUB

MEMORIES OF MY CHILDHOOD (1965) – adventure movie online

By adapting the stories compiled by Ion Creangă under the famous title ‘Memories from Childhood,’ Elisabeta Bostan brings to the screen the most wonderful pages of Romanian children’s literature.

Directed by: Elisabeta Bostan
Script: Elisabeta Bostan, Ion Creangă (novel)
Cast: Ștefan Ciubotărașu, Ion Bocancea, Corina Constantinescu, Emanoil Petruț, Nicolae Veniaș, Eliza Petrăchescu, Zoe Anghel Stanca, Mircea Constantinescu, Costache Sava, Alexandru Azoiței, Ion Henter, Mihai Mereuță, Maria Cupcea, Nunuța Hodoș

The Enchanted Grove (1980) - by Gheorghe Naghi - online movie on CINEPUB

THE ENCHANTED GROVE (1980) – comedy movie online

Adapted from Mihail Sadoveanu’s 1926 novel. Lizuca is a 6 year old girl whose mother died and whose father is married to a nasty woman.

Directed by: Gheorghe Naghi
Script: Draga Olteanu Matei, Mihail Sadoveanu (novel)
Cast: Diana Muscă, Ernest Maftei, Elena Drăgoi, Florina Cercel, Alexandru Matei, Draga Olteanu Matei, Ileana Stana Ionescu, Cezara Dafinescu, Rodica Popescu Bitănescu

The Hatchet (1969) - by Mircea Muresan - drama film online on CINEPUB

THE HATCHET (1969) – drama movie online

The screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Mihail Sadoveanu and directed by Mircea Mureșan follows the tragedy of a shepherd who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Directed by: Mircea Mureșan
Script by: Mircea Mureșan, Mihail Sadoveanu (novel)
Cast: Anatol Constantin, Margarita Lozano, Folco Lulli, Sidonia Manolache, Paul Misai, Florin Scărlătescu, Sandu Sticlaru, Livia Baba, N.N. Matei, Dan Nicolae, Nunuța Hodoș, Costache Diamandi

ION - THE LUST FOR LOVE (1980) - de Mircea Mureșan - feature film online on CINEPUB

ION: THE LUST FOR LOVE (1980) – drama movie online

Set in the 1910’s Transylvanian countryside, a poor but industrious peasant must choose between his obsessive lust for riches and his desire for true love.

Directed by: Mircea Mureșan
Script: Titus Popovici, Liviu Rebreanu
Cast: Șerban Ionescu, Ioana Crăciunescu, Sorina Stănculescu, Valentin Teodosiu, Petrică Gheorghiu, Ion Besoiu, Octavian Cotescu, Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez, Catrinel Dumitrescu, Rodica Negrea, Romeo Pop, Leopoldina Bălănuță, Ion Hidișan, Valeria Seciu, Costel Constantin, Petre Lupu, Ferenc Fábián

Felix and Otilia (1972) - film online on CINEPUB

FELIX AND OTILIA (1972) – drama movie online

A large family and it’s many generations vie for advantage, seeking to win the inheritance sure to be left behind by a wealthy older man of the clan. Along the way, stories of friendship, love and rivalry emerge.

Directed by: Iulian Mihu
Script: George Călinescu, Ioan Grigorescu
Cast: Radu Boruzescu, Julieta Szönyi, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Gheorghe Dinică, Clody Bertola, Ovidiu Schumacher, Gina Patrichi, Elena Dacian, Árpád Kemény, Herman Chrodower, Eliza Petrăchescu, Violeta Andrei

A film with a Charming Girl (1966) by Lucian Bratu - drama movie online on CINEPUB

A FILM WITH A CHARMING GIRL (1966) – drama movie online

Ruxandra fails her audition at the acting university for having too much charm, so she decides to find other things to do.

Directed by: Lucian Bratu
Script: Radu Cosasu
Cast: Alexandru Boiangiu, Cornel Coman, Valentino Dain, Victoria Gheorghiu, Grigore Gonța, Monu Grun, Ileana Stana Ionescu, Ștefan Iordache, Victoria Medea, Marin Moraru, George Oancea, Margareta Pîslaru, Emmerich Schäffer, Mihaela Stancu, D.I. Suchianu, Dorin Varga, Jorj Voicu, Romulus Vulpescu

Red Apples (1976) - by Alexandru Tatos - drama movie online on CINEPUB

RED APPLES (1976) – drama movie online

The main character, a young surgeon (passionate consumer of red apples), an excellent professional, inflexible in adhering to moral norms, is in a constant struggle with the indifference and ignorance of his peers, with their small-mindedness, with the obtuseness and careerism of the hospital director.

Directed by: Alexandru Tatos
Script: Ion Băieșu
Cast: Ion Cojar, Mircea Diaconu, Emilia Dobrin, Carmen Galin, Ernest Maftei, Mitică Popescu, Angela Stoenescu, Florin Zamfirescu

The Miscellaneous Brigade on alert (1971) - comedy movie online on CINEPUB

THE MISCELLANEOUS BRIGADE ON ALERT (1971) – comedy movie online

The solving of two cases by members of the Miscellaneous Facts Brigade of a militia section.

Directed by: Mircea Drăgan
Script: Mircea Drăgan, Nicolae Tic
Cast: Puiu Călinescu, Toma Caragiu, Jean Constantin, Iurie Darie, Ioana Drăgan, Crăiță Enulescu, Sabin Făgărășanu, Ion Finteșteanu, Dumitru Furdui, Elena Ioja, Sidonia Manolache, Réka Nagy, George Oancea, Sebastian Papaiani, Dem Rădulescu

The Miscellaneous Brigade - In the mountains and on the seaside (1971) - comedy film online on CINEPUB


The members of the Miscellaneous Brigade, Captain Panait, Sergeant Căpșună, Sergeant-Major Cristoloveanu, and the wolf-dog Costel, have to solve two cases: “Powders for Grandma” and “The Miracle-Working Icon.”

Directed by: Mircea Drăgan
Script: Mircea Drăgan, Nicolae Tic
Cast: Toma Caragiu, Dem Rădulescu, Ion Finteșteanu, Puiu Calinescu, Jean Constantin, Sebastian Papaiani, Ioana Dragan, Dumitru Furdui, Iurie Darie, George Oancea, Réka Nagy

Otherwise Magazine - Grand Hotel Italia

Grand Hotel Italia

A simple room in a hotel in Padova, Italy, hosts unexpected meetings and collisions between people on the move.

Rodi Cotenescu is a Romanian film director known for The Camel in the Picture (2009), Nightmare Before Lunch (2008) and Magistrala 4 (2007). Grand Hotel Italia (2011) was screened at the Transylvania International Film Festival in 2012, awarded the Romanian Cultural Prize at Filmul de Piatra in 2011, and received the Critics Award at CineMAiubit ISFF in the same year.