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We present Filminute – The International One Minute Film Festival.
A collection of the world’s best ultrashort films,
each delivering a complete story in 60 seconds.

Vote your favorite short films until 15 November.

A collection of the world’s best ultrashort films, entered in previous editions


Directed by: Anton Groves
Country: UK/Romania
Year: 2006

Plot summary

On the brink of self-destruction, a man wants to go head to head with death, but then everything stops.

The Good One

Director: Antonio Panteras
Screenwriter: Antonio Panteras
Cinematography: Manuel Catalan
Producer: Antonio Panteras
Sound: Victor Gato
Music: Ramon Castaño
Country: Spania
Year: 2017

Plot summary

A joke that becomes more and more disturbing offers a less dark side of things as well.

The Key

Director: Randy Kelly
Screenwriter: Randy Kelly, Katie Compton
Cinematography: Julien Cheron
Sound: Fred Edwards
Country: Canada
Year: 2012

Plot summary

A meditation session becomes way too real.


Director: Kris Burton
Screenwriter: Kris Burton
Cinematography: Kris Burton
Editing: Kris Burton
Production: Laura Larifla
Country: Martinique
Year: 2015

Plot summary

A young girl has and encounter with the devil. Her grandma guides her from the other side for her to reach the light.


Director: Christian LaMorte
Screenwriter: Christian LaMorte
Cinematography: Christian LaMorte
Editing: Christian LaMorte
Sound: Max Seile
Country: SUA
Year: 2015

Plot summary

When a young woman accidentally barges into the men’s room and runs into her former teacher, a potentially life-changing encounter takes place.

FILMINUTE - Good-Bye-Mr-Nice-Guy

Good Bye Mr. Nice Guy

Directed by: Ana Iliesiu & Matei Branea
Written by: Miruna Vasilescu
Animation: Matei Branea
DOP: Luchian Ciobanu
Sound: Andrei Petre-Tatu
Visual Effects: Silviu Visan
Year: 2010

Plot summary

A couple is breaking up. She wants a vacation in Greece, not on the moon, even though it’s super cool.

FILMINUTE - A-New-Prayer

A New Prayer

Director: Dorin Pene
Producer: Dorin Pene
Editor: Dorin Pene
DOP: Patru Păunescu
Cast: Bogdan Marhodin, Dan Rădulescu
Sound Design: Dan Stefan Rucăreanu
Year: 2012

Plot summary

Sooner or later we all pay our debts.

FILMINUTE - Backtrack


Director: Nathan Hong Fisher
Screenwriter: Nathan Hong Fisher
Cast: Michael Spadaccini
Producer: Kristy Richman
Year: 2016

Plot summary

The world’s most useless superpower.



Director: George Moleșag
Screenwriter: Oana Căldare
Producer: Raluca Chera
Cast: Iuliana Daniela Ioniche, Marin Palii
DOP: Marius Beșu
Editing: George Moleșag
Sound: Claudiu Badea
Year: 2015

Plot summary

Winning the least favorite game.

FILMINUTE - Heat-wave

Heat Wave

Director: Mirel Bran
Screenwriter: Florin Stanciu /Bogdan Dumitrescu
DOP: Lulu de Hillerin Sound, Jonas Mercier
Production: Tadami Presse & Black Maria Production
Cast: Nicoleta Lefter, Mihai Smarandache, Marius Manole, Vitalie Bichir, Laurent Durasnel
Year: 2011

Plot summary

Sometimes it’s better to ask no question at all.

FILMINUTE - Edge-of-Seventeen

Edge of Seventeen

South Korea
Director: Nuri Jeong
Screenwriter: Nuri Jeong
Editor: Nuri Jeong
Producer: Nuri Jeong
DOP – Jeonghyun Yim
Cast – Jihye Yoon
Sound – Youngkyu Son
Year: 2018

Plot summary

The elevators are not what they seem.

FILMINUTE - Acrofobia


Director: Raul Taciu
Year: 2007

Plot summary

Tall dreams.

FILMINUTE - Running-for-Two

Running for Two

Director: Daniel Limmer
Screenwriter: Daniel Limmer
DOP: Daniel Limmer
Editor: Daniel Limmer
Cast: Simone Aigner, Johannes
Producer: Simone Aigne
Country: Austria
Year. 2017

Plot summary

Always read to the end.



Director: Facundo Sosa
Writer: Facundo Sosa
Editor: Facundo Sosa
DOP: Victoria Mironenko
Cast: Matina Puyol, Ricardo Viceconti, Maria Gonzalez, Jimena Ramos, Belen Pazos, Lorena Amarante, Carolain Gonzalez, Santiago Perroni
Production: Florencia Lencina & Facundo Sosa
Year: 2016

Plot summary

Film beats life.

FILMINUTE - Meanwhile-on-the-Train

Meanwhile on the Train

Director: Aidan McAteer
Writer: Aidan McAteer
Animation: Aidan McAteer & Aoife Doyle
Original music: John Perdisatt
Sound: Paul Lynch at Studio 4
Production: Niamh Herrity, A Pink Kong Production
Country: Ireland
Year: 2015

Plot summary

He who digs a pit for others.