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We present Filminute – The International One Minute Film Festival: a collection of the world’s best ultrashort films, each delivering a complete story in 60 seconds.

Love at first light

Director: Caroline Grace-Cassidy
Cast: Steve Gunn, Sarah Flood, Gail Brady
Producer: Kevin Cassidy
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

The morning after the night before reveals itself.


Director: Rohin Raveendran
Cast: Debanshu Shekhar Jha, Aparajita Dey, Sheela Arora, Shubham Mondal, Bimal Krishna Tewari, Lipika Jalui, Mehak Nagia, Ishu Nagia, Bhaskar Gupta
Producer: Ippirival Productions
Genre: drama

Plot summary

The room reveals a peaceful sense of intimacy.

The Morning After

Director: George Mangalath Thomas
Cinematography: Pooja Sharma
Cast: Dinker Sharma, Sanghmitra Hitaishi
Editor: Vijay Singh Tomar
Genre: drama

Plot summary

A happy ending seems within grasp.


Director: Nicolai Darre
Cinematography: Daniel Warren
Cast: Sandra Bringsjord Pape, Elg Elgesem
Editor: Tore Nilsen
Producer: Frederik Hestvold
Genre: drama

Plot summary

On an empty subway car two people bond in an unusual way.

Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy

Directors: Ana Ilieșiu & Matei Branea
Cinematography: Luchian Ciobanu
Script: Miruna Vasilescu
Sound: Andrei Petre-Tatu
Visual effects: Silviu Vișan
Genre: drama

Plot summary

Break-ups are tough, even if you are perfect and it’s not your fault.

Edge of seventeen

South Korea
Director: Nuri Jeong
Cast: Jihye Yoon
Cinematography by: Jeonghyun Yim
Film editing by: Nuri Jeong
Genre: horror

Plot summary

A girl on her way home hears a voice in the elevator.


Director: Matt Mitchell
Cast: Fabrizio Santino, Sarah Langrish-Smith, Richard Banks, Lee Adach
Cinematography by: Liam Morgan
Genre: horror

Plot summary

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Unless you are already dead.

The Thief

Director: Nicolai Darre
Cast: Hedda Marie Bay, Sandra Bringsjord Pape
Cinematography by: Trond Høines
Genre: thriller

Plot summary

A thief has second thoughts.

Stitched Up

Director: Martin Moseley
Cast: Ruperth Shelbourne, Faith Flint
Cinematography by: Saul Gittens
Genre: horror

Plot summary

An engineer resolves his relationship issues.


Director: George Molesag
Cast: Iuliana Daniela Ioniche, Marin Palii
Cinematography by: Marius Besu
Genre: horror

Plot summary

The game will continue after the break.

Discover five one minute comedies. Powerful and funny stories developed in no more than 60 seconds. A magician, a high school teacher, a man having a love affair, a nonconformist explorer and an unusual driver are the characters from the 5 international films presented on Cinepub and produced in India, USA, France and Norway.


Director: Răzvan Dü
Cast: Teodora Colț, Alfredo Minea, Laur Drăgan, Adi Gheo & Victor Șef
Cinematography by: Eduard Pârvu
Film editing by: Răzvan Dü
Genre: action

Plot summary

Girl vs. Street punks.


Director: Natalia Gurkina
Cast: Evgeny Venediktov, Olesya Astapova, Evgeniya Kozyreva
Cinematography by: Elena Shchurova
Genre: romance

Plot summary

A love story within a love story.

Leo never gives up

Director: Bálint Klopfstein-László
Cast: Gábor Király, Tamara Szilvia Csillag & Nora Nagy
Cinematography by: Bálint Orosz
Genre: drama

Plot summary

Leo’s room is filled with an endless series of mysterious numbers…

Space Oddity

Director: Seyhmus Altun
Cast: Hasan Canberk Karacay, Alpay Arıcan, Cem Büyük, Melisa Sarsoy, Ege Göksu
Cinematography by: Ege Göksu
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

A sad astronaut wonders if he is going to venture out again.

Magritte’s Train

Director: Yali Herbet
Genre: animation

Plot summary

A tribute to René Magritte’s surrealistic world.


Director: Dhruv Mookerji
Cast: Sumeet Thakur, Devina Seth, Tanaji Dasgupta
Cinematography by: Siddharth Diwan
Film editing by: Rajkumar
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

A magician’s off day is a volunteer’s lucky day.


Director: Yvonnick Muller
Scriptwriter: Yvonnick Muller
Cast: Yvonnick Muller, Lauriane Escaffre, Olivier Ducray
Cinematography by: Olivier Ducray, Lauriane Escaffre
Film editing by: Yvonnick Muller
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

A man skyping with his mistress is interrupted by a doorbell.


Director: Christian LaMorte
Cast: Oliver Martin, Claire Ganshert
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

A high school teacher is interrupted during his bathroom break.

The Explorer

Directors: Alexander Vestnes and Ola Martin Fjeld
Scriptwriter: Alexander Vestnes and Ola Martin Fjeld
Cast: Sebastian Warholm, Hampus Kalleberg, Kristin Hvistendahl Brattås
Produced by: Alexander Vestnes
Cinematography by: Stein Stie
Film editing by: Ola Martin Fjeld
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

Linus is on a perilous mission in the neighborhood.


Director: Motke Dapp
Scriptwriter: Motke Dapp, Joshua Quentin Cherry, and Josh Jones
Cast: Joshua Quentin Cherry, Motke Dapp, Chad McClarnon, Trista McClarnon
Produced by: Fighting Forks
Cinematography by: Chad McClarnon
Film editing by: Motke Dapp
Genre: comedy

Plot summary

As the man in yellow moves through the quiet city streets, he steadily presses on toward his next and future destinations.


Five short films built around a common theme: childhood. Five important Romanian directors were part of the project Art for Children, an initiative which “seeks to link Romania’s greatest artists with the children of Romania, to assure them of a future in which they can fulfill their true potential” (Art for Children).


Director: Cătălin Leescu
Cast: Ionuț (băiatul), Tuca (câinele)
Produced by: An Art For Children production, in association with HHC Romania, with the kind support of the Vodafone Foundation, Romania.
Cinematography by: Ionuț Meltzer
Film editing by: Cătălin Leescu
Year: 2013
Genre: drama
Subtitles: Eglish

Plot summary

Ionut rehearses a departure ritual with his best friend Tuca.


Director: Radu Jude
Year: 2013
Genre: drama
Subtitles: English

Plot summary

A maternity ward in Romania.


Director: Anca Damian
Scriptwriter: Anca Damian
Produced by: Anca Damian
Cinematography by: Barbu Bălășoiu
Film editing by: Kim Stroe
Year: 2013
Genre: drama

Plot summary

The child’s perspective.


Director: Olivia Căciuleanu
Scriptwriter: Olivia Căciuleanu
Cast: Luca Turliu, Ioan Turliu, Marius Manole
Cinematography by: Laurențiu Răducanu
Film editing by: Andrei Neagu
Year: 2013
Genre: drama

Plot summary

Knock, knock who’s there…


Director: Bogdan Tiberiu Dumitrescu
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Tiberiu Dumitrescu
Cast: Claudiu Poli
Cinematography by: Radu Lopotaru
Film editing by: Silvia Matei / Chainsaw Romania
Year: 2013
Genre: drama

Plot summary

“From where do I come from? I am from my childhood like from a real country”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.