An unexpected outcome

The short film „10”, directed by Dorian Boguţă, is another piece in the category of Romanian shorts that tackle the theme of the couple. The film tells the story of a secret relationship between two lovers who understand their breakup differently.

10 by Dorian Boguță - CINEPUB

Director: Dorian Boguță
Scriptwriter: Dorian Boguță
Cast: Andrei Aradits, Irina Teodorescu, Leonid Doni, Mirela Oprișor
Produced by: Mihaela Stoian, Daniel Pîrvulescu
Cinematography by: Liviu Pojoni, Jr.
Editing by: Dana Bunescu
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2009
Duration: 19 minutes
Subtitles: English

21,776 – Cinepub viewers


After a 10-month secret relationship, Irene decides to break up with Vlad. He thinks she wants to go back to her ex-boyfriend, but she says she is only tired of their relationship. What will Vlad do to win her back?

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„10″ is the debut short film of the actor Dorian Boguţă, the first of a series of short films he made during his career as a director.

Dialogues are essential in a context like this: a couple, a secret relationship and a turning point, and Dorian Boguță, who also wrote the film’s screenplay, created realistic and full of subtext lines, which are sometimes serious or ironic, sometimes funny. „You can’t force someone to love you” is the line of the main character, which seems to become a motto for the film.

Serious, but in the same time funny and relaxed, „10″ shows in 20 minutes the many faces of a relationship: from anger to harsh ironies, from closeness to the absurd of reality, from the possibility of a break-up… to a dance on the roof of a block of flats.

„10″ is part of the Romanian short films online collection of Cinepub where the couple theme is showed in various and complex manners.


„It’s snowing”
„Will you promise me you’ll look after yourself and be happy?”