Tales at different ages.

An omnibus film consisting of three Romanian short films, with three stories about women of different ages (30, 40 and 50), made by some of the most talented Romanian directors.

30-40-50 by Iulia Rugină (30) , Eva Pervolovici (40), Stanca Radu (50) - CINEPUB

Director: Iulia Rugină (30) , Eva Pervolovici (40), Stanca Radu (50)
Scriptwriters: Ana Agopian, Oana Răsuceanu, Iulia Rugină (30), Eva Pervolovici (40), Stanca Radu (50)
Cast: Irina Velcescu, Bogdan Dumitrache (30), Liliana Iorgulescu, Michael Fequiers, Marilena Botiș (40)
Produced by: Gabriel Achim, Ruxandra Slotea
Cinematography by: Marius Iacob (30), Vlad Filimon (40)
Editing by: Maria Florentina-Zaharia
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2012
Duration: 25 minutes
Subtitles: English

47,196 – Cinepub viewers


An important dinner and a shopping list. The last bottle of Tabasco in the supermarket. Which he’s got it in his shopping cart. While she needs it…

A woman ”exorcises“ her anxiety and sexual fantasies through dance…

Sometimes life becomes interesting once more when you’re playing hide-and-seek.

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„She takes just like a woman,
She makes love just like a woman,
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl”
Bob Dylan

The motto of the shorts trilogy „30-40-50” condenses the theme of this omnibus film whose movies present three complex feminine characters created by three women directors who bring a new and fresh vision to the Romanian cinema.The stories of the three Romanian short films capture the woman as a character at three diferent ages, social environments and situations.

In „30”, Iulia Rugină humorously recounts a „fight” between a man and a woman over a product in a supermarket. They’re both around 30, seem very serious, but… there is only one Tabasco bottle left in the supermarket. They both want it. The bottle is in his shopping cart. Yet, an important dinner can’t be ruined just for that.

„40” is the story of a woman on the verge to lose control over her own drives. She quashes her lack of control by dancing.

In the last story, „50”, the director Stanca Radu animates both figuratively as well as literally an apparently boring character, typical of the minimalist style. Surprising in this chapter of the „30-40-50” omnibus is the fact that minimalism is expressed in the form of a cartoon movie.


”You took the last one. I really need it. What can we do about it?”
”There is nothing to do about it.”


  • Anonimul International Film Festival– România, 2012
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Greece, 2012
  • NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2012
  • Transylvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2012