Patients, dramas and a fallen Christmas tree.

„Adultery”, a short film written and directed by Peter Kerek, reminds us of a burgeois Jeanne Dielman (see Chantal Akerman), a more vocale presence, that fights in phone conversations with various patients, friends and family.

Adultery by Peter Kerek - CINEPUB

Director: Peter Kerek
Scriptwriter: Peter Kerek
Cast: Alina Berzunțeanu
Produced by: Anca Puiu, Peter Kerek
Cinematography by: Florin Costache
Sound: Mihai Bogos
Year: 2010
Category: short film
Duration: 29 minutes
Subtitles: English

1,870,684 – Cinepub viewers


„Adultery” is the portrait of a woman, a pediatrician, who becomes entangled in her own existence.

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The woman is at home. Her apartment is empty. Her husband and son are at the skating rink. The house is decorated for the holidays. We see the woman washing the bathtub. We cannot understand whether she is preparing it for her bath, wiping off some traces that must disappear, getting ready to commit suicide or…


  • NexT Film Festival, 2011
  • Kaunas International Film Festival, 2011
  • 56th Cork Film Festival, 2011
  • Romanian Short Waves, 2011
  • Timishort International Film Festival, 2011
  • 17th Edition of Aye Aye International Film Festival, 2011


  • Best Romanian Short Film, Gopo Awards, 2011