“Two lottery tickets” and an email

“Chasing Rainbows” is the third feature fiction written and directed by Dan Chișu, which tells a tragicomic story about the illusion of getting rich and the disposition of dreaming about chasing rainbows. The lack of technological skills leads to misunderstandings and a simple spam e-mail makes two of the main characters (Buzilă and Tocitu) fall for a lottery farce. It is a Romanian film that plays on the typology of the naive character who is caught in the web of their own credulity.

Chasing rainbows by Dan Chisu - CINEPUB

Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriters: Dan Chișu
Cast: Adrian Titieni, Ionuț Vișan, Anca Florescu, Cătălin Bordea, Mihai Niță, Oxana Moravec, Tudor Smoleanu
Produced by: Dan Chișu
Cinematography by: Ovidiu Gyarmath
Film editing by: Andrei Iancu
Year: 2012
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 104 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories: Available only in Romania

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„Chasing Rainbows” is a story about the illusion of becoming rich in Romania. In a country where stories of striking it rich are everywhere, anyone thinks such a thing is not only possible, but it’s easily achievable.
The storyline follows two destinies: one is of a young couple that could have gotten rich and the other is of a man who, because of his lack of knowledge when it comes to modern technology, gets fooled by e-mail spam.

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„Chasing Rainbows” is part of the category of Romanian films (as well as sketches, short stories) that approach the subject of luck bestowed upon people overnight. I. L. Caragiale’s play „Two Lottery Tickets” is the most illustrating piece of Romanian literature on the subject. The character in this type of film / story is also typical: the naive.

The stories of Buzilă&Tocitu vs. Marius&Cosmina are built in parallel and connected at the end, taking the viewer through the protagonists’ dream of getting rich, fuelled all the more by a society full of stories about sudden enrichment. In „Chasing Rainbows” the characters’ naivety is dubbed by ignorance, reference to the comic-absurd situations generated in a society recently exposed to information technology.

Here, Dan Chișu’s comedy meets another Romanian film present on the Romanian films online platform Cinepub, Constantin Popescu’s short, “The Yellow Smiley Face”.


„Seeing Tocitu (Adrian Titieni) and Buzilă (Tudor Smoleanu) caught in the toils of the computer world, many young people will laugh or will not understand the message. The computer, the smartphone, the tablet technology in general, is already in most people’s DNA. Yet, for the older people, it remains an almost entirely unknown field.” (Marius Matache, “Dan Chișu și caii verzi de pe pereți” – )


“The bloody stocks can’t be in the books, it must be in computers.”
“Sure, that’s why we’re here. Special draws”.
“You can’t buy a second beer and you dare to talk?”
“You use this when you make mistakes. You press Delete and everything disappears. It’s a miracle!“
“My God, it’s like NASA!”
“Must be a button that says „Stop” or „Turn off”…?!”
“You’re in the lottery whether they hire you or not.”
“It was hard to be rich. Now it’s over. At least I feel better!”


  • Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) – Romania, 2012
  • Portobello Film and Video Festival – London, 2012
  • Mons International Festival of Love Films – Belgium, 2013
  • Cleveland International Film Festival – USA, 2013
  • “Love is Folly” International Film Festival, Varna – Bulgaria, 2013



  • Best Central & Eastern European Feature Film (Dan Chisu and DaKINO Production)Best Central & Eastern European Feature Film (Dan Chisu and DaKINO Production) Cleveland International Film Festival – U.S.A., 2013
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role (Adrian Titieni), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Tudor Smoleanu), Best Screenplay (Dan Chisu), Best Editing (Andrei Iancu), Best Cinematography (Gyarmath Ovidiu), Best Music (Paul Ilea), Best Sound (Dragos Stanomir (sound mixer), Best Sound (Florian Titus Ardelean – supervising sound editor), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2013
  • Grand Prize (Dan Chisu & DaKINO Production), Mons International Festival of Love Films – Belgium, 2013
  • Festival Prize – Best Foreign Film (Dan Chisu & DaKINO Production & Family Film Production), Portobello Film and Video Festival – London, 2012
  • Best Romanian Feature Film (Dan Chisu & DaKINO Production & Family Film Production), Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2012