Timeless and generally valid tragedy comedy.

We gladly present you a short fiction film made by Valeriu Andriuță, a story about a provincial school from a small town somewhere in East, so far away from us, and yet so close.

Chers Amis - Valeriu Andriuta - CINEPUB

Directed by: Valeriu Andriuță
Script by: Valeriu Andriuță
Cast: Ion Grosu, Vitalie Bantaṣ, Mariana Liurca, Ecaterina Ladin, Viorica Vodă, Eliza Bercu, Victoria Agache, Mihai Prepeliță, Lucia Beiu
A production by: Amprenta Films
Producer: Valeriu Andriuță
Co-producer: Mariana Liurca
Cinematography by: Radu Aldea
Sound: Constantin Titi Fleancu
Editing by: Iulia Andriuță
Year: 2017
Genre: fiction
Duration: 20 minutes

25,635 – Cinepub viewers


In the staff room of a school, a few adults are discussing important issues. At the same time, outside, in the cold, a child is waiting for his mom and a pending verdict.

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The short film “Chers amis” is the first author’s project signed by Valeriu Andriuţă, known from movies like “Firefighters’ Choir”, “Zapping”, “Occident”, “After Deal”, “Graduation”, “Eastern Business”. A professorial office in a Moldovian country school. A winter day with a lot of snow and blizzard.

A snowball with a stone breaks the window of a classroom. In the absence of anything else and waiting for the director to return from the local council (where he struggles for the subsidies that had been cut again) to start the meeting, the teachers are making small talk.

Their little stories are often chaotic, but the funny parts – in the subtext – has a bitter taste. It’s more of a mess of trouble. Because one of the teachers didn’t have chalk, he complained that he can’t mark the starting and finishing lines for the children; therefore, they don’t really know where their race starts or ends. Also, there is the trouble of a geography teacher who fails to teach his students that the Black Sea is in Europe, not in Africa. Moreover, the disbelief of the religious teacher, a little bit exasperated by the Moldovian students who do not understand when Christmas really falls. The director replies that, as Europeans, Christmas is officially celebrated in old style, but at your home, you are free to celebrate whenever you want. An old goalkeeper is also attenting their meeting and he’s accused by the director he calls the recreation five minutes faster.

He is told to let the Ministry of Education establish “the academic time”. Above all, in the air of the chancellery floods the sadness of the teachers caused by the lack of funds for education. A fine psychologist and an authentic humorist, Valeriu Andriuţă creates an admirable film with dialogues that cultivate – rara avis – the power of the spoken word.

We are feeling a lack of enthusiasm in our nostalgic characters that philosophize and speak in a Chekhovian manner. “Chers Amis” announces a promising long-distance director. (Marian Sorin Rădulescu, About a certain state of imponderability, Conversations Letter, 2018)


  • 2017, Transilvania International Film Festival, TIFF
  • 2017, Anonimul Independent Film Festival
  • 2017, Moving Pictures Belgium
  • 2017, Balkan Film & Food Festival, Official Selection
  • 2017, Helsinki International Film Festival, Love & Anarchy
  • 2017, The International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
  • 2017, Kyrgyzstan International Short Film Festival
  • 2018, International Short Film Week Regensburg
  • 2018, Dakino International Film Festival
  • 2018, Buzz Film Festival, Buzău
  • 2018, Chitila Short Film Fest
  • 2018, CineVil Rmnicu Valcea Film Festival
  • 2018, Portobello Independent Short Film Fest London
  • 2018, The Indie Festival of Independent Producers
  • 2019, „Un poing c’est court” Film Festival, France


  • 2017 | Bucharest International Film Festival | Best Short Winner
  • 2017 | The Black Sea Film Festival | Best Screenplay Winner
  • 2017 | Bucharest Short Film Festival 2017 | Best Debut
  • 2017 | Transylvania International Film Festival | Best Debut
  • 2018 | GOPO | Best Short Nomination
  • 2019 | ADAMI Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe | Best Fiction Award


I don’t know how you are, but I still bring chalk and the next day and I have nothing to write with, these kids eat it, seriously!

– Well, there are some who eat chalk.

Yesterday, when I came in from recreation, I found the globe broken. There was a hole like that, like a fist! In the Pacific Ocean! – That’s the Marian’s pit. – That’s the Dodon brothers! These are bad guys, mister director! And they just wrote silly words on the globe!

Father! We didn’t decide what’s the language we speak every day. And you’re coming with these complicated problems.

Father, we’re celebrating Christmas in old style, unofficially. But, officially, you can celebrate it whenever you want.

We should buy a bigger globe, because I want to show these children where our republic is found. You see, on these Chinese globes we are not appearing at all!

We have a single basketball and our kids are playing all the games with it: volley, football and handball.