Premiered internationally at the Montreal International Film Festival and later selected at the Astra Film Festival, the documentary „Dabija Brothers” started as an experiment, according to director Cătălin Drăghici: „being friends with the three brothers for a long time, I was curious to see where could such an initiative lead to. I wanted to talk about […] the lack of communication within families, but also between friends, lack of communication that follows up from, I think, an ever closer interaction with virtual socialization” (

Dabija Brothers by Cătălin Drăghici - CINEPUB

Director: Cătălin Drăghici
Scriptwriter: Cătălin Drăghici
Image: Ștefan Radu Fulga
Producers: Gabriela Suciu, Daniel Drăghici
Year: 2015
Category: documentary
Duration: 62 minutes

32,367 – Cinepub viewers


A game of „don’t get angry, brother” in the age of virtual communication and consumerism.
Three brothers meet and discuss at a table, in the kitchen of the house they grew up in and where two of them still live. A mundane conversation about everyday details, situations and problems, more or less important. However, the time spent together progressively reveals an obvious communication gap.


  • Montreal International Film Festival – Canada, 2015
  • Astra Film Festival – Romania, 2015