Steaua! Steaua! Steaua!

In this short film, Paul Negoescu depicts the personality of a father who becomes an enthusiastic supporter of his favorite football team once he finds out that his daughter’s boyfriend is the supporter of the opposing team.

Dusmanul by Vlad Andrei Ghinea - CINEPUB

Director: Paul Negoescu
Scriptwriter: Paul Negoescu
Cast: Clara Vodă, Maria Mitu, Bogdan Vodă, Nicolas Teodorescu
Produced by: Paul Negoescu
Cinematography by: Andrei Butică
Editing by: Alexandru Radu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2010
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English

31,198 – Cinepub viewers


Mircea has a 15 year old daughter, whose boyfriend is invited to dine with the family. He arrives earlier and they go to her bedroom. While watching TV, Mircea can hear his daughter moaning from her room. The dinner stars and Mircea finds out that the boyfriend supports a different football team.

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„Derby” stands out among the most recent Romanian shorts through its original perspective upon what being a teenager means. Instead of showing us the classical, conflictual path of the teenager, Paul Negoes turns the camera and shows us the difficulty a father faces in renegotiating his paternal role. Using an explicit metaphor, that of the game between the two opposing teams, the director points out the rivalry conflict the protagonist is living.


Presenting his story from the parent’s perspective is a clever move from Negoescu, in fact, it’s what makes Derby successful. Told from the point-of-view of the daughter, or even her boyfriend, this is just another coming-of-age tale attempting to tackle that tricky transition from adolescence to adulthood. Shifting the focus though means that Derby skilfully avoids this pitfall and instead becomes an uncomfortable, low-key comedy centred around a shift in the dynamic of a family household ( Rob Munday – )


„Steaua! Steaua! Steaua!”


  • Berlin International Film Festival, Competition – Germany, 2010
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Competition – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, “The Fresh Selection – The Promising Five” section – Czech Republic, 2010
  • Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival – Portugal, 2010
  • Athens International Film Festival – Greece, 2010
  • Namur International Film Festival – Belgium, 2010
  • NexT International Film Festival, Competition – Romania, 2010


Nomination: Best Short Film Award, European Film Academy Awards – 2011


  • Brief Encounters Grand Prix, Encounters International Film Festival – Great Britain, 2010