A Romanian documentary film presented at Transilvania International Film Festival in 2016, ”Dream Images”, by Sorin Luca, reveals the emblematic musician that created the Romanian electronic and new wave music: Rodion.

”I had 16 tons of musical instruments, 18 containers fitted only the speakers. I was in Cluj in 1978, I had, for example, 38 diffusers. I was very ambitious. I moved to the country side because I didn’t have enough space to fit in all the instruments, I had built up so many speakers and I didn’t have a place to deposit them”, Rodion-Ladislau Roșca (

Dream Images - Sorin Luca - CINEPUB

Director: Sorin Luca
Scriptwriter: Sorin Luca
Producer: Claudiu Mitcu
Cinematography: Sorin Luca
Editing: Cătălin F. Cristuțiu
Year: 2016
Category: documentary
Durations: 78 minutes
Subtitles: English

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It was 1978 and the Romanian dictator Ceauşescu was in control of the country. Artists were being prosecuted and isolated due to their “unacceptable” background and views. Amongst them stood the extremely talented musician Rodion-Ladislau Roșca. Although he was a radio star, his debut album was never released.


  • Best Film, Documentary Film Festival Bucharest Docuart Fest. – Romania, 2016


  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2017