Love locked in a metal box

„Elevator” is a Romanian film directed by Gabriel Dorobanțu, winner of the award for a first feature at Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), in 2008. Two young people who are trying to live a non-conformist experience find themselves in a limit-situation. It is a film about preservation instinct, fury, panic and last, but not least, the form communication takes in critical moments. Ada Milea’s music highlights the atmosphere of a crisis prevalent in the film.

Elevator by George Dorobanțu - CINEPUB

Director: George Dorobanțu
Scriptwriter: Gabriel Pintilei
Cast: Iulia Verdeș, Cristi Petrescu
Produced by: Alexandra M. Păun
Cinematography by: George Dorobanțu
Film editing by: George Dorobanțu
Year: 2008
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 85 minutes
Subtitles: English

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A boy and a girl, high school teenagers, want to get away from the world and be alone for a while, so they hide in an abandoned factory at the outskirts. But there they fall in a trap of their own intention, and get stuck in the cargo elevator. There is no one around to hear them, and nobody knows their whereabouts. Tension arises after each failed attempt to escape, while they also have to deal with the fact that their entire universe is now reduced to a metal box smaller than a room.

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With a screenplay by Gabriel Pintilei, text also used at the staging of the homonym play, „Elevator” tells the story of two young people who, while looking for a private place, find themselves in a crisis that is impossible to anticipate. Blocked between the floors, in the lift of a deserted factory, without anybody knowing where they are, the two young people state of mind suddenly shifts from play, love and effervescence to the extreme situation in which they need to find resources to stay alive.

The picture is part of the category of Romanian films that stand out through the balanced dialogue – which is crucial in a minimal setting – and the art of the actors (Cristi Petrescu and Iulia Verdeș) who know to graduate the tension. As their hopes to be saved fade, the two young people become more and more intimate, and they try, by talking to one another, to get to know, in a few days and in a few square metres, all there is to know about life and about being alive.

A film with a high dramatic and emotional potential, accessible to Romanian film lovers on Cinepub, the Romanian films online platform.


  • International Film Festival of Uruguay – Uruguay, 2008
  • Levante Filmfest – Italy, 2009
  • Coruña Tendencies – Spain, 2009
  • Glasgow Film Festival – U.K., 2009
  • Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival – Argentina, 2009


  • Best Romanian Debut (feature) – Romanian Days, Transylvania International Film Festival– Romania, 2008
  • Fresh Generation Award, Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest – Czech Republic, 2008
  • Audience Feature Choice Award, Auburn Film Festival for Children and Young Adults – Australia, 2008
  • Best Editing (George Dorobanțu), Romanian Union of Filmmakers – Romania, 2008
  • Young Hope (George Dorobanțu), Gopo Awards– Romania, 2009
  • Public’s Choice Award, South-East European Film Festival – USA., 2009

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