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„Toaster” is one of those Romanian shorts made by students, a production of the National University of Theatre and Film, highly appreciated in the local festivals such as NexT (The best Romanian Short), Dakino (Jury Special Award) or CineMaiubit (Best Actor).

Finale by Dorian Boguță - CINEPUB

Director: Dorian Boguță
Scriptwriter: Dorian Boguță
Cast: Dragoș Bucur
Produced by:
Cinematography by: Liviu Pojoni jr.
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: drama, horror
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

9,480 – Cinepub viewers


Winter. A deserted beach. A bruised sky. A deafened sound in the air. A trailer. A forty something man, dressed in a suit, is lying on the sand in a fetal position with an empty look on his face. His eyes look tired and his face betrays no expression. Night, same beach, same sky, same sound. The man in the trailer is trying to write something. A pack of wild dogs has surrounded the trailer and are trying to get inside…

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Considering the atmosphere, „Finale” would be a Romanian short film of the horror genre, unless it is a drama. A man whom we know nothing about is on a deserted beach, in a van through which a harsh wind is blowing. The man gets out, lights, seemingly without any real will, a small fire out of few branches. He doesn’t try to stand out of the wind’s way, or the icy water, or the dogs that can be heard howling in the distance, then closer and closer.

Everything leads to the idea that the character is there out of his own will, that he exiled himself there on purpose and, moreover, that he is minutely planning for himself the cruelest punishment. Although extremely silent, the short film doesn’t end by keeping the mystery unraveled, but on the contrary, revealing a small part of it. As a shipwrecked person, the character writes a message that he encloses in a bottle and then throws the bottle in the sea.

There is no viewer who wouldn’t want to know what the character does afterwards and, even more, what’s the message in the bottle… The answers can be found in Romanian short films online category on


  • Special Mention, International Competition, Timishort International Film Festival, Timișoara – Romania, 2015