Celebrating 18 with dad.

Dorian Boguță signs the direction and the script of this short whose main characters  – father and son – walk an unexpected path at the end of which each of them will know more about the other. Even things that they might have not wanted to know.

Dusmanul by Vlad Andrei Ghinea - CINEPUB

Director: Dorian Boguță
Scriptwriter: Dorian Boguță
Cast: Teo Corban, Cătălin Jugravu, Mirela Oprişor, Toma Cuzin
Produced by: Mihaela Stoian, Daniel Pârvulescu
Cinematography by: Vivi Drăgan Vasile, Cosmin Fericean
Editing by: Dana Bunescu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2011
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English

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Ştefan is turning 18. His Dad decides this is the day for his son to ”become a man”, with all that entails. Only things do not go as planned and the father receives a life-changing lesson from his son.

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Set in a contemporary atmosphere, in the Romanian urban area and revolving around the topic of father-son relationship, the short film „From Now On” sharpens, through the story it tells, the viewer’s perception of the as much silenced as they are strong inner conflicts of two emblem-characters: the cliché father, full of prejudices and vices and his unhappy and not understood son.

Captive in the car in which the son learns how to drive, among lessons about true manhood, the two walk a complicated path that takes both of them by surprise.

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“Are you crazy?”
“How do you talk to me like that?”
“OK sorry. I want home.”


  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2011


Nomination: Best Short Film (Dorian Boguță, Mihaela Stoian, Daniel Pârvulescu), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2013
Winner: Best Short Film, Best Actress (Mirela Oprișor), Best Actor (Teodor Corban), Best Acting Debut (Cătălin Jugravu) UCIN – Romania, 2012