The Girl Chewing Gum, 2.0.

A tribute to the avant-garde director John Smith, this experimental short film recreates one of the top titles of the American avant-garde: „The Girl Chewing Gum”.

Fata care mananca pizza de Adrian Cârlugea, Bogdan Coste, Ion Indolean

Director: Adrian Cârlugea, Bogdan Coste, Ion Indolean
Scriptwriter: Adrian Cârlugea, Bogdan Coste, Ion Indolean
Cast (Voice-over): Cătălin Bocîrnea
Produced by: Ion Indolean
Cinematography by: Bogdan Coste
Film editing by: Bogdan Coste
Category: short film
Genre: experimental
An: 2012
Duration: 6 minutes
Subtitles: english

13,279 – Cinepub viewers


The experimental short film „Girl Eating Pizza” captures a possible final rehearsal before filming a scene on the street. At the director’s indications, people parade in front of the camera so that everything should look like a predetermined sequence.

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The film – one of the few tribute Romanian short films, created by Bogdan Coste, Adrian Cârlugea and Ion Indolean (fellow students back then) – started from John Smith’s original short, „The Girl Chewing Gum” (1976), regarded as one of the avant-garde genre greats.

Although it can be seen as a mimetic exercise, the film draws its authenticity from the different context it was filmed in and the ironic tone of Cătălin Bocîrnea’s voice-over.

As François Truffaut „asked” a dog to urinate on a pole (in the film „Day for Night”, an inspiration source for John Smith for his short film), here a couple of pigeons are demanded to gently appear in front of the camera or fly from one building to another. That in addition to the contribution that all the cast is bringing.

More than that, the novelty comes from the fact that the entire movie was shot and recorded on a mobile phone; therefore it can be said that everything has been designed in accordance with a time that we can call a post digital age, where everyone has the opportunity and resources to carry out an audiovisual product.


“Girl in the white coat, come from right. Now.”


  • NexT International Film Festival, Behind the Scenes section – Romania, 2013
  • FFest 2015, “Experimental Shorts” section