Waiting for a holiday at the seaside

Holiday at the Seaside, by Cristina Groșan, is a short film that premiered at Sarajevo International Film Festival and won the main award of its category (the ”Atlantic Group Best Short Film Award”). Having the actors Andreea Vasile, Ștefan Statnic and Mara Purza as main protagonists, Holiday at the Seaside was screened at more than 30 international film festivals.

Director: Cristina Groșan
Scriptwriters: Cristina Groșan, Ștefan Statnic
Cast: Andreea Vasile, Ștefan Statnic și Mara Purza
Produced by: Dora Nedeczky, Luka Venturin, Dragana Jovanovic
Cinematography by: Ákos Nyoszoli
Film editing by: Anna Meller
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2013
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English

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Amalia (13) gets her first period one day before going to the seaside with her parents. Having a strict and distant mother, she decides to take care of her “problem” by herself. Little does she know that soon this will be the smallest problem she has.

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“This Romanian director living in Budapest managed to direct a film in which we’re served all those elements for which we praise Romanian cinema”, considers Eszter Papp, Origo Filmklub, Mach 2014.

Holiday at the Seaside is one of those Romanian short films that speaks about the coming-of-age of a teenager. Amalia is only 13 years old and she faces a serious problem: her parents possible separation. Shot in Bosnia-Herzegovina with Romanian actors and a Hungarian-Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian crew, the short film creates Amalia’s complicated universe. Over the course of several hours she faces more and more complicated problems. From “what do I wear” to the discovery of her first period, she has to face the difficult moment of her parents’ relationship.

Holiday at the Seaside completes the diverse collection of Romanian online shorts available on Cinepub.


“This Romanian director living in Budapest managed to direct a film in which we’re served all those elements for which we praise Romanian cinema every time we get to see its films. A seemingly mundane situation, which makes the story even more easy to grasp, life-like dialogue and authentic acting. All this through Grosan’s sensitive, feminine directing. It’s very likely there’s no male director out there who would’ve made a film on this theme, in this way“, Eszter Papp, Origo Filmklub, March 2014


“See what? I don’t see anything. I see you’re grounded. Say goodbye to internet right now.”

“What if she hears you?
So what if she hears me?”

“We have to tell her, sooner or later.”


  • Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, Collections Section – France, 2014
  • Helsinki International Film Festival – Finland, 2014
  • London Short Film Festival – Great Britain, 2014
  • Tangier International Mediterranean Film Festival – Morocco, 2014
  • Seen and Heard International Film Festival Melbourne – Australia, 2014
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Greece, 2014
  • St. Petersburg International Film Festival “Beginnings” – Rusia, 2014


  • Atlantic Group Best Short Film, Sarajevo International Film Festival – Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013
  • Best Balkan Film, Tirana International Film Festival – Albania, 2014
  • Best Short Film, Rec Film Festival Berlin – Germany, 2014