An unusual job interview

The graduates from the acting school gather again to„ get a job” with the „Hotline”. A short by Paul Negoescu.

Linia fierbinte de Paul Negoescu

Director: Paul Negoescu
Scriptwriter: Paul Negoescu
Cast: Cristina Mihăilescu, Laura Manea, Cristian Duroi, Alexandra Livia Radu, Răzvan Jelea, Ecaterina Istrate, Ella Moroiu
Produced by:
Cinematography by: Diana Vidrascu
Film editing by: Dragos Apetri
Year: 2011
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Duration: 13 minutes
Country: Romania

405,660 – Cinepub viewers


Hotline is a short film, school exercise for those graduating from one of the acting classes organized by the School Several people are taking part in a casting session to become a Call Center operator.

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One of the first collaborations of Paul Negoescu with acting school – before they made together the feature ”Two Lottery Tickets” – „Hotline” is exactly that film one needs when, searching through the Romanian shorts online on, one would feel like laughing. A hearty laugh.

Watching the movie gives the viewer the opportunity to see a group of the acting school’s graduates that play some unforgettable characters.


“- But the labor contract?
No, I do not have. I work without contract.”