I’m an alien and I like you.

A short film about how we feel when we fall in love for the first time. We present to you a film signed by Emy Mirel Ivașcă, a film student at Hyperion University.

I’m an alien - by Ivașcă Emy Mirel - CINEPUB

Directed by: Ivașcă Emy Mirel
Cast: Alex Stama, Maria Enache, Simona Lupu
Script by: Ivașcă Emy Mirel
Producer: Ivașcă Emy Mirel
Cinematography: Laurențiu Smoleanu
Year: 2020
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 8 minutes

18,245 – Cinepub viewers


Two students meet in a library and they have an unusual conversation.

More details:

The girl is skeptical, he is dreamy, strange, and always says unusual things. The silence in the library doesn’t help much, so any word or giggle is surprisingly fined by the librarian with a smile on her face. The conversations and the giggles can’t last indefinitely so the girl realizes that he is not as “alien” as he seems and gives him a chance. After all, we all are aliens when we fall in love.