What is faith? Meeting one’s self.

Simple, non-classic, experimental, ”Irreversible” is one of the strangest Romanian shorts online on

Irreversible de Raymond Popa, Cornel Caldeș

Director: Raymond Popa, Cornel Caldeș
Scriptwriter: Raymond Popa, Cornel Caldeș
Cast: Cristian Enea
Produced by: Pocal Pictures
Cinematography by: Daniel Popa
Film editing by: Cristian Enea
Category: short film
Genre: drama, mistery
Year: 2015
Duration: 11 minutes
Territories: Romania

8,672 – Cinepub viewers


After a car accident, a man is facing his entire existence and finds himself unable to control his own destiny.

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With a narrative composition following the rules of the absurd, shot in black-and-white on a dream-like, surrealist background, „Irreversible” tells the story of a character whose self is rambling in confusion. Following a violent event (probably a car crash) there occurs an irreversible change not only in the body, but also in the soul, the self or, maybe, the consciousness of the protagonist. What the film shows is maybe a runaway, a reunion, an abandonment or a judgment of the character’s own consciousness.

This film is one of those Romanian short films that represent an inspired choice for the experimental genre fans.


  • BIAFF 2015 (British International Amateur Film Festival) – Short Film