Weed, music and simple rules for coordination.

Directed by Tudor Botezatu, ”Let It Rip” is built up around Soare (Alexandru Potocean) a musician passionate about… weed. In his world the rules are different. One of those Romanian short films that went away from the realism of the Romanian New Wave.

Let It Rip - directed by Tudor Botezatu - CINEPUB

Regie: Vlad Buzăianu
Scenariu: Vlad Buzăianu, Cristian Petrescu
Distribuție: Cristian Petrescu, Miruna Blidariu, Oana Sforoi, Amalia Dobre, Ana Mihăilescu Buzăianu
Producător: Ciprian Tănasă
Imagine: Alexandru Pavel
Montaj: Vlad Buzăianu
Categorie: scurtmetraj ficțiune
Gen: SF
An: 2016
Durată: 9 minute
Subtitrări: Română

44,276 – Cinepub viewers


Soare is a musician with too little inspiration and too many neurons baked from smoking weed. One day he decides that his life has become too chaotic, so he begins writing a guide for surviving the moments when his reality stops making sense.

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An independent short film that creates a special energy. The director, Tudor Botezatu, builds up the special universe of Soare (Alexandru Potocean), a musician that is decided to change his life. The solution is perfect: a couple of simple “rules for organization, coordination, and well, basic survival”. Or it seemed perfect in the very beginning.

One of those short films online that went away from the realism specific to the recent Romanian cinema. An auto-ironic comedy where the reality is seen through Soare’s eyes, a character addicted to weed.    


“Sure, it was fun for a while. But frying several billions neurons sort of messed his flow, and nothing turned out right anymore.”

“Therefore, seeing that he was about to pass the point of no return, he decided to take a sharp turn. Rather than rolling his morning joint, he began to keep a notebook with rules for organization, coordination, and, well, basic survival. Thus Sunny began to write, inspired by everyday events.”


  • Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Romania, 2017
  • Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, IPIFF – Romania, 2017