A block of flats that remained in history.

The two directors’ debut film, Libelula is a Romanian short film with nonprofessional actors, that won the Best Film Award at altcineAction! Online Balkan Film Festival and was screened, among other festivals, at Timishort Film Festival and Independent Days International Filmfest, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Libelula by Mihai Sălăjan and Adelina-Laura Bulibașa - CINEPUB

Director: Mihai Sălăjan, Adelina-Laura Bulibașa
Scriptwriters: Ioan Peter
Cast: Gheorghe Sălăjan, Vasile Leac, Florin Didilescu, Elena Bulibașa, Iulian Teleoacă
Produced by: Adelina Bulibașa
Editing by: Mihai Sălăjan
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2012
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: n/a

11,254 – Cinepub viewers


A journey to the core of an ordinary tower block which illustrates how living in a small apartment feels like. Everything is told by the building’s caretaker. The common life, the routine, the past, the present, perhaps the future -everything illustrated visually in less than 15 minutes. A film about ordinary people and their everyday lives.

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„Libelula” is the story of a micro universe influenced by a history heavy with communism and compromises for survival in a dictatorial society. It may even be a radiograph of the late proletarian, anchored in the past, at a time when things were different, and he had found a way to manage his existence, a way he was pleased with.

Now everything is completely inadequate and feels that his time has passed. It’s the story of a „lively dead” who is self-aware and aware of his no end situation. The film belongs to a special category of short films online at, those that are the metaphor of a state of spirit highlighted by the story of the narrator who plays the role of a fictional character, a tenant of this block of flats full of memories.

Also, thematically it joins those Romanian short films that fill up a film space used at full capacity with a slice of the communist past.


„I have transformed Mr. Matei’s apartment in a museum.”


  • Timishort Film Fest, Timișoara – Romania, 2016
  • Independent Days International Filmfest, Karlsruhe – Germania, 2015
  • Divan Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • „Filmul de Piatră” Film Festival, off competition – Romania, 2016


  • Best Film, altcineAction! Online Balkan Film Festival – Greece, 2016
  • Best Debut Film, „Ceau Cinema – Festival de buzunar” Film Festival, Timișoara – Romania, 2016

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