In love and war, everything is allowed.

“Love Sick” was written by Cecilia Ștefănescu, who also signs the screenplay of the film, together with Răzvan Rădulescu. Along with Tudor Giurgiu (director), the three tell a live and unconventional love story. Love has many shapes and shades, is the authentically conveyed message of this Romanian film. Siblings have a special kind of love for one another, while good friends are not just friends, they choose to be lovers as well. Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirilă and Maria Popistașu add a special flavor to the movie, in perfect harmony with the inciting topic.

Love Sick by Tudor Giurgiu - CINEPUB

Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Scriptwriters: Cecilia Ștefănescu, Răzvan Rădulescu
Cast: Maria Popistașu, Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirilă, Cătălina Murgea, Mircea Diaconu, Virginia Mirea, Tora Vasilescu, Valentin Popescu, Mihai Dinvale, Carmen Tănase, Dragoș Gărdescu (Puya), Mihaela Rădulescu
Produced by: Oana Giurgiu, Tudor Giurgiu, Dragoș Vîlcu
Cinematography by: Alexandru Sterian
Film editing by: Alexandru Radu
Year: 2006
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 85 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories: The film is not available in: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia.

387,785 – Cinepub viewers


You fall in love. There are no rules. To everyone else, it might look like a disease, an addiction. But it can cut deep and hurt more than anything. Alex and Kiki appear to be a couple of good friends. But the two girls happen to be experiencing another kind of love. To their family, Kiki and Sandu are a sister and brother who sometimes fight. They happen to be lovers. “Love Sick” tells their stories.

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„Love Sick” is the film that clearly says that in love everything is allowed. Allowed, but not exposable. Kiki and Sandu are siblings, but not just that. They have secretly developed a kind of not only physical, but also emotional love, which is far from fraternal love. There is fascination and addiction between them. When Alex, Kiki’s friend intervenes in their relationship, jealousy bursts and with it, the feeling of guilt that has been silently hovering about their relationship. All three of them are in love. With careful touches on the characters and situations, the film sustains the psychological verisimilitude of the feeling of love in which purity and the poisonous thread of guilt mix together.

“Love Sick” directed by Tudor Giurgiu, is a story about love floating in the air, above dangerous waters, and the luminosity and rapidity of the dialogue hides a literary depth which is the real gain for the film, a trait more difficult to find in other Romanian films that haven’t been written by fiction writers.


„A normal film about «different kinds of love», that are still love. To be watched without any prejudice. (Alex Leo Șerban – )

„Tudor Giurgiu’s first feature (based on a novel I’ve heard is a bit stronger) is nothing like what has been done around here – from a subject, as well as image point of view.   A light film, but not an easy one, a kind of Jules and Jim (the setting, with running across the bridge won’t let you forget about it) but “with a twist”, if you want – that is, two girls and a boy, where girls love passionately and the boy is in love with only one of them, who happens to be his sister …” (Andrei Crețulescu – )


“Say, this girl, isn’t she a bit odd?”
„Cristina dear, piercing her ears at this hour?”
„You’re not like those cheap girls I see on the street, who wear pants that show their belly button.”
„So I’ll see you when you get back. If you don’t find me stretched out cold.”
„Your parents are so nice. So chilled, like they’re on Prozac.”
„You smell like a flower that is neither alive, nor dead, because no one has changed its water for weeks.”
„The love story doesn’t stand a chance if the writer doesn’t believe in it.”


  • Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama – Germany, 2006
  • Rome International Film Festival – Italy, 2008
  • Romanian Film Festival in London – Great Britain, 2007
  • Stockholm Queer Film Festival – Sweden, 2007
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival – USA, 2007
  • Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival – Israel, 2011



  • Best Feature Film (Tudor Giurgiu, Oana Giurgiu), Best Editing (Andu Radu), Best Screenplay (Cecilia Ștefănescu), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Ioana Barbu, Maria Popistașu), Best Cinematography, (Alexandru Sterian), Best Music (Vlaicu Golcea), Best Screenplay (Adriana Grand), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2007


  • Best Actress In A Supporting Role, Gopo Awards – Romania, 2007
  • Public Prize, Most Successful Local Film at the Box-Office, Gopo Awards – Romania, 2007
  • Best Debut Film (ex-aequo), UCIN Awards – Romania, 2007
  • The Grand Jury Prize, Montreal LGBT International Film Festival – Canada, 2006

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