Unhealthy life principles

“Principles of Life” is a feature presenting Vlad Ivanov in a very generous part to play, that of an apparently accomplished middle-aged man, but whose heart is simmering in anger. And of course, this anger bursts one ordinary day, at the beginning of a holiday. A Romanian film that won an award at TIFF, in 2011.

Principles of Life by Constantin Popescu - CINEPUB

Director: Constantin Popescu
Scriptwriter: Alexandru Baciu, Răzvan Rădulescu
Cast: Vlad Ivanov, Gabriel Huian, Rodica Lazăr
Produced by: Ada Solomon
Cinematography by: Liviu Mărghidan
Film editing by: Corina Stavilă
Year: 2010
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 97 minutes
Subtitles: n/a
Territories: Available only in Romania

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Velicanu considers himself to be a fulfilled person. He has money, a new villa, he is married to a young woman with whom he has a baby and he has a son from his first marriage. Before the holidays, he must leave his business in good order, but things get a little bit complicated. The crisis at the end of the day makes him wonder if he is really happy and fulfilled…

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The feature signed by Constantin Popescu is one of those Romanian films in which the aesthetics of minimalism is employed in domestic context and conflict is fuelled by small sneers. Emilian is a „responsible father”, in both his old family (made of his ex-wife, a teenage son and the new husband – with a pale masculinity as compared to Emilian), and in the new one (young wife and a baby).

A Romanian film that captures, therefore; a new type of “responsible masculinity” – that of the thriving entrepreneur, aware of his financial power, a sun around which everybody else gravitates. But, nevertheless, there’s a very fine line between responsibility and control, and the main character can’t see that he had crossed it a long time ago.

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“The daily nothings that add to an everyday man’s drama can add up to an even bigger nothing – you need lots of talent, subtlety and irony to turn that big nothing into a film that also means something. Fortunately “the parents” of this film not only don’t miss them but, on the contrary, have them in spades.” (Andrei Crețulescu – )


“Didn’t I tell you he’s starting to sweat like a grown-up? Jese’, he sometimes smells like fried onion so badly… I always send him to change his T-shirt”.

“You are not packing my damn luggage, OK!”

“Stop insisting! This is what you always do: you say you’ve told me, but in fact you haven’t.”

“First, I no longer go to our seaside out of principle.”

“Pal, let me know, cause if you take up smoking, you can ask me for cigarettes and we can smoke together.”

“Ruxi, dear, how am I behaving?

Very badly.”

“Now the kid is swearing at me. If he swears at us and calls us names like that now, what is he going to do to us later?”


  • San Sebastian International Film Festival – Spain, 2010
  • Bratislava International Film Festival – Slovakia, 2010
  • Goteborg International Film Festival – Sweden, 2010
  • East End London Film Festval – Great Britain, 2011
  • Romanian Film Festival in New York – USA, 2011



  • Best Actor in a Leading Role (Vlad Ivanov), Best Screenplay (Răzvan Rădulescu, Alexandru Baciu), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2012


  • Best Director, Transylvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2011
  • Best Actor (Vlad Ivanov), UCIN – Romania, 2011

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