Revelry in The Time of Communism.

„Rainbow Bubbles” (1982) is the second feature film directed by Iosif Demian, after a script written by Vintilă Ornaru and Fănuș Neagu. The film was censored in many sessions by the communist party and after that, was lost somewhere in the old studios. Later, it was miraculously found and remastered.

Rainbow Bubbles - feature film by Iosif Demian - CINEPUB

Director: Iosif Demian
Scriptwriters: Fănuș Neagu, Vintilă Ornaru
Cast: Dorel Vișan, Magda Catone, Alexandru Széllyes, Nae Lăzărescu
Produced by: Casa de filme 4
Cinematography by: Valentin Ion Popescu
Film editing by: Anca Dobrescu
Year: 1982
Category: feature film
Genre: comedy drama
Duration: 132 minutes
Subtitles: Romanian

114,052 – Cinepub viewers


The subject of this burlesque film is the story of a funny president of the CAP, from some village on the Danube, captive between the ambition of running a successful cooperative and the love for a young woman. Abandoned two days after the wedding by his new wife for a former prisoner, the mindful president of the CAP is concerned about the issue of his unmarried love which will encompass the entire village.

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„Rainbow Bubbles” is a radiography of the Romanian village, a Czech-style carnival that happens on muddy streets, where animals just wander around and the oranges jump from one basket to another, like in a circus.

In the movie plays Magda Catone who had debuted one year ago in „Why are the bells ringing, Mitică?”, directed by Lucian Pintilie and Dorel Vișan with whom Demian worked in the late ‘80s, in „A Girl’s Tear”, a film that premiered and won the award for best director at Cannes Film Festival.

The film had 18 rounds of cutting, following the censors’ persuasive requirements and was eventually screened for a few days in a neighborhood cinema. After that, the film was thrown in a forgotten closet. In the next three years, Demian directed three more films and in 1985 he managed to flee the country with his wife, Erika Józsa, with whom he had collaborated for the soundtracks of several films.

Though chopped up – dialogue adjustments, unnatural cuts –, Iosif Demian’s film brings a breath of fresh air into the Romanian cinematic landscape, full of safe stories and visions imposed only by the communist party.

The film uses a ludic, playful cinematic language, characterized by visual gags, sparkling dialogues, absurd situations, and strange characters. The story is a revelry and evokes reality through absurd fiction.


„The Bubbles Street – “an equivalent and a delayed recovery of the neorealist street” (Valerian Sava) – is the venue of this “typological study” (of characters and mentalities) taking the form of a “proper comedy”. (Marian Rădulescu,

„The “games” existing in the movie (I named them above: the wedding, the match, etc.) are created by Iosif Demian in a vivid tempo, with short plans and unobtrusive angles, capturing exciting details…”. (Nicolae Ulieriu,


„- Are you the president of CAP?
 – No, Comrade. The president of the CAP is Ene Lelea. I’m dealing with irrigation. Water is my job. Clear and crystalline. If it gets to the root, I’m doing a good job.”

“I kept my word. I bought you shiny shoes. I’ll send them to you by someone. “

“- Miss, Miss, is it true that the Italians’ blood swarms the heart?
 – I don’t know, I like the Nordics.”

“ You look like a Finnish. Can I kiss you?”


  • ACIN – Award for Best Director and Diploma of Honor (for Magda Catone), 1983
  • Excellence Award – Astra Film, 2017

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