The more the Romanian films are appreciated by the international film market, the less the Romanian public goes to watch them. The number of cinemas around the country decreases dramatically and, when one of the fewest spectators wants to buy a ticket, he or she inevitably hears: “Do you know that this is a Romanian film? Are you sure you want to buy a ticket?”.

How did Romanian film industry end up in this situation?

Romanian Cinema by Vlad Nedelcu - CINEPUB

Director: Vlad Nedelcu
Year: 2014
Category: documentary
Duration: 49 minutes
Subtitle: english

7,643 – Cinepub viewers


A documentary which brings the New Romanian Cinema protagonists closer to the public. Florin Șerban (director), Ana Ularu (actress), Victor Rebengiuc (actor), Ada Condeescu (actress), Ada Solomon (producer), Radu Muntean (director), Adrian Sitaru (director) și Irina Margareta Nistor (film critic) speak about the changes of the Romanian cinema in recent years. The film’s director of photography, Andrei Butica, is an established DOP of the Romanian New Wave.