Alone? Or +1?

Written and directed by Iulia Rugină, screened at Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days section, in Cluj-Napoca, 2012, „Sink” proposes an incursion into the lives of a group of people that participate in the same New Year’s Eve party in the club called Sink.

Sink de Iulia Rugina

Director: Iulia Rugină
Scriptwriter: Iulia Rugină
Cast: Ion Rusu, IoanaPăunescu, Alin Călinescu, Cosmina Soare, Clara Vulpe, Ilinca Cartofea, Laura Mușat, Hamid Nicola Katrib, Malvina Cservenschi, Gloria Săuciuc, Octavian Barbu
Produced by: Alexandru Papadopol, Dorian Boguță, Dragoș Bucur
Cinematography by: Marius Iacob
Film editing by: Iulia Rugină
Category: short film
Year: 2012
Gen: drama
Duration: 36 minutes
Subtitle: engleză
Country: Romania

34,722 – Cinepub viewers


It’s 31st of December. Everyone at the Sink bar is preparing for the New Year’s Eve Party. In their homes, the guests of the bar, prior to the party, are doing the same, they are getting ready for a new start, or another end or just wishing same old for … next year.

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The New Year’s Eve is magical. Or, at least, it should have a bit of magic in it. And that is because the New Year has to be different. To bring everything that last year didn’t have. To clean the friends list a little bit. To take one by surprise ( in the best way possible). To wipe off everything that was bad and meaningless in the year that approaches its end. And so on and so forth.

What happens when the last night of the year is yet another night with the problems, fears, dissatisfactions typical of all 365 nights until now?

Along with „Dying from a wound of love” and „30”, „Sink” is one of the three Romanian shorts online on Cinepub directed by Iulia Rugină.


“Did you make plans with me and forgot to call me, or how?”
“Andreea, be careful! We are not talking about anything new, yes? “


  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2012