The inner silence can be found in any myth.

„Sisyphus” is an experimental short film signed by the directors Ionuţ Laurenţiu Duşcă and Bogdan Dobre.The movie narrates the myth of Sisyphus in an original manner.

Directors: Ionuț Laurențiu Dușcă, Bogdan Dobre
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Dobre
Cast: Ana-Maria Dondera
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2015
Duration: 8.34 minutes
Subtitles: –

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“Sisyphus” is a take on insignificance, repetition and the invisible chains that bind us to the routine of our daily lives.

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Shot in black and white, experimental, with almost absent dialogue, „Sisyphus” is one of those Romanian short films in which the narrative elements are missing, precisely to emphasize the movie’s theme: the insignificance of daily life. Starting from a fixed, frontal frame without camera movements, directors Ionuţ Laurenţiu Duşcă and Bogdan Dobre send the viewer into the bizarre world of Ana showing her way of finding inner peace. The girl’s action makes reference to a mythical archetype, that is, to Sisyphus.

One of those Romanian experimental films that can be watched on Cinepub.


„A non-narrative movie, Sisyphus, tends to join an experimental, abstract cinema, in which the repetitive, endless and apparently absurd action of the girl may represent the feeling of boredom, depression or isolation.” (Ionuț Mareș – )


“Come on, let me make you some popcorn I know you like it.”