An intruder inside the kitchen

A warm comedy, one of those short films funny and sad at the same time. A dialogue exchange worthy of being studied in schools, a domestic story not at all common and spectacular acting.

Colivia de Adrian Sitaru - CINEPUB

Director: Adrian Sitaru
Scriptwriter: Adrian Sitaru
Cast: Adrian Titieni, Clara Vodă, Vlad Vodă
Produced by: Monica Lăzurean-Gogan
Cinematography by: Adrian Silișteanu
Editing by: Andrei Gorgan
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2010
Duration: 17 minutes
Subtitles: English

20,921 – Cinepub viewers


Mihaes’s little boy brings home a sick dove. This rises new conflicts between father and son, but also a possible „reconciliation” that Mihaes does not want to lose.

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A warm film, a story about the way humans relate to animals, a psychological study of a family sharing a special moment. The child brings home a pigeon and the father rejects the idea of keeping in the house this creature that might be a carrier of viruses, diseases and problems in general.

The apparition of the pigeon is a good pretext for the scriptwriter and director Adrian Sitaru to introduce the members of the family: the father who talks a lot, raises his voice, orders around, but no one follows his orders; the mother – silent, minding the house chores, who, in a subtle way, is the one who takes decisions in the house, and the child who is more… or actually less obedient to both his parents.

The humorous dialogue discloses, actually, a truth about loneliness and the impossibility of communication in a family, about the sensation that the family can become, at a certain point, similar to a cage. The apparition of a pigeon is, then, looked at in opposition to the first impression: it might be the creature the family needed.

The film was very successful at international festivals, receiving many awards and it can be found in the collection of Romanian short films online of Cinepub.


„Writer/director Adrian Sitaru has a few shorts to his credit, some television, and a single feature. He’s got an ear for dialogue, that mixture of familiarity and surprise that conversations between couples develop when routines are broken.” (Andrew Robertson –


„What is that?”
„Are you stupid? Get out, it’s full of germs.”
„No, it’s sick!”


  • DAAD Short Film Award, Berlinale Shorts – Germany, 2010
  • Grand Prize Ciudade de Vila do Conde Best Film Award, Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival – Portugal, 2010
  • Certificate of excellence by BAFTA, Mill Valley Film Festival, Los Angeles – USA, 2010
  • Best Foreign Short Film, Valladolid International Film Festival 2010 – Spain, 2010
  • Grand Prix Uppsala – Sweden, 2010
  • Best Short Film Award, Warsaw International Film Festival – Poland, 2010
  • Best Romanian Short Film, Gopo Awards Romania, 2010
  • Danzante Award, Huesca International Film Festival – Spain, 2010

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