We present the short film “The Light that Memory Lends to Things”, directed by Ana Vîjdea, the author’s travel journal from Ankara to Tehran by Trans-Asia Express train.

The Bed of Procrustes - by Andrian Împărățel - UBB student short film - CINEPUB

Directed by: Ana Vîjdea
Producer: The Faculty of Theater and Film, Babeș-Bolyai University
Cast: Sohrab Garagozlu, Azar Garagozlu, Maral Garagozlu, Mehrnoosh, Kazemi, the travelers on the Trans-Asia Express
Script by: Ana Vîjdea
Cinematography: Ana Vîjdea
Sound: Jan Vacek, Burak Gür
Edited by: Ana Vîjdea
Category: short film
Duration: 28 min.
Year: 2015

4,176 – Cinepub viewers


The filmmaker records her journey on the Trans-Asia Express train that connects the capital of Turkey with the capital of Iran.

More details:

The Trans-Asia Express train crosses Turkey’s largest lake. For three days, without understanding Persian (Farsi) – the language spoken by most passengers, the filmmaker records her journey to discover new stories and cultures.


  • Special Mention – local TIFF competition
  • Filmul de Piatră Festival
  • Bosphorus International Film Festival, short film competition
  • Nomad Film Festival, competition
  • CineMAiubit, competition