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Rewarded with Best Debut Award at the Transilvania International Film Festival and with special mention of the jury at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, “The World Is Mine”, directed by Nicolae Constantin Tănase, is a coming-of-age story placed in a small town by the sea, in which the heroine is not hiding and has a brutal maturity.

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Director: Nicolae Constantin Tănase
Scriptwriters: Raluca Mănescu
Cast: Ana Maria Guran, Iulia Ciochină, Oana Rusu, Ana Vătămanu, Florin Hrițcu
Produced by: Tudor Giurgiu, Radu Stancu
Cinematography by: Ovidiu Marginean
Film editing by: Ion Tănase
Year: 2015
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 104 minutes
Subtitles: English

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Sixteen-year-old Larisa lives in a small town by the sea. Her relationship with her mother, who struggles with a lack of finances, is far from ideal, and in addition to that, the girl has to care for her helpless grandmother pretty much by herself. When Larisa falls in love with Florin, the local playboy, she acquires a powerful enemy in Anna, a girl from a wealthy family who is determined to get rid of her rival at all costs. The small-town world in which good looks and money play the leading role does not favor Larisa. However, the stubborn girl is ready to do whatever it takes to win love and admiration, and she resolutely pushes ahead to make her dreams come true….

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The film “The World Is Mine” shows us how hard a teenage life can be in a small seaside town… And it is a necessary film in the Romanian cinematic landscape, because adolescents tend to consume American high school dramas with values ​​and cultural landmarks that do not reflect at all the Romanian reality.

The film distinguishes itself by an eclectic mix of shooting styles (close-ups, slow motion, impressionist effects that announce the nightmares and the fantasy moments) that reflects, above all, the progressive degradation of the protagonist.

We are talking about a miserable world but focused on its authentic culture: love tests made in the cigarette smoke bath, beatings on the hallways, visits to shopping malls, manele songs and mainstream soundtracks. Larisa is determined to ignore these shortcomings and fight for a better life – she is wrong, then she mistakes again, then she runs from fate, then she experiences misfortune, and then she drowns by despair… But in the end, she doesn’t have to choose anything. Because she knows she’ll be fine.


The intensity with which Tănase follows the misadventures of his protagonist is so impressive that we simply beg the director to choose a genre film as his sophomore project. Director of photography Daniel Kosuth fills the screen with the face of Guran, and the audience has no other choice but to pay attention.” (Ștefan Dobroiu – )

The first feature of Nicolae Constantin Tănase, The World Is Mine, is a miserable melodrama with an aggressive fatalism like a hammer into the head (Tănase is not yet 30 years old), but it’s far from being a gray film – it’s spectacular even eclectic.”  (Andrei Gorzo –


”Don’t look at me like a duck looks at oranges!”

“What about it, little doll?” Didn’t we talk yesterday?

“I don’t know how to separate happiness from other things.”


  • European Film Festival – Serbia, 2015
  • Avvantura Festival – Croatia, 2015
  • Namur Festival of Francophone Films – Belgium, 2015
  • Black Nights Film Festival – Estonia 2015
  • CINEDAYS Festival of European Film – Macedonia, 2015
  • Making Waves – USA, 2015
  • Trieste International Film Festival – Italy, 2016
  • Luxembourg City Film Festival, 2016
  • East End Film Festival – UK, 2016
  • Espoo Ciné International Film Festival – Finland, 2016


  • Best Debut – Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj Napoca, Romania, June 2015
  • Special Jury Mention – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, July 2015
  • Audience Award for Best Feature – Anonimul International Film Festival, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania, August 2015
  • Cottbus Discovery Award – Cottbus Film Festival, Germany, November 2015
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role, Ana Maria Guran – IPIFF, Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, December 2015

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