Therapeutical conversations at night

A short film signed by Andrei Georgescu, a tribute to the Romanian New Wave with representative characters, played by key figures of the Romanian landscape of the 2000s.

Therapeutical conversations by Andrei Georgescu - CINEPUB short movie

Directed by: Andrei Georgescu
Cast: Lucian Pavel, Dragoș Bucur, Gabriel Spahiu, Ioana Flora, Șerban Pavlu, Gabriel Huian, Angela Georgescu
Script by: Georgiana Constantin, after an idea by Andrei Georgescu
Producer: UNATC Film
Music: Sebastian Plămădeală
Year: 2012
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 14 minutes

10,209 – Cinepub viewers


A psychologist is overrun by his listeners, a number of representative New Wave characters, while trying to talk about couple and family life during his late radio show.

More details:

The film brings to life several notable characters from the films of “The New Romanian Wave”. Dragoș Bucur continues his character in “Police, adjective”, Ioana Flora the one in “Hooked”, Gabriel Spahiu with Gabriel Huian carry on the father-son relationship in “Marilena from P7” and Șerban Pavlu revolts again by playing Tavi’s role in the short film “Alexandra”.


  • DaKINO IFF 23rd edition (2014), main competition, Bucharest
  • FFEST International Student Film Festival Cluj Napoca, main competition (2012), Cluj Napoca
  • Cinemaiubit International Student Film Festival, main competition (2012), Bucharest
  • 3eme Quinzaine de Film Roumain, Strasbourg (2014)
  • Festivalul de Psihanaliza si Film, romanian shorts, Bucharest (2013)
  • Comedy Cluj International Film Festival, main competition, Cluj Napoca (2012)
  • “Cluj Shorts” International Short Film Festival, main competition, Cluj Napoca (2013)
  • NexT International Film Festival, off competition Bucharest (2013)
  • Timishort IFF, Off competition film school visit UNATC Timisoara
  • Street Delivery Festival, street screening, Bucharest (2013)


  • Best Script Award – DaKINO IFF 23rd edition (2014)
  • First Prize, short film competition, FFEST International Student Film Festival Cluj Napoca
  • Best Production Design, Cinemaiubit International Student Film Festival, Pavel Trifan.