The coming-of-age game

„Toaster” is one of those Romanian shorts made by students, a production of the National University of Theatre and Film, highly appreciated in the local festivals such as NexT (The best Romanian Short), Dakino (Jury Special Award) or CineMaiubit (Best Actor).

Toaster - Cristian Pop - CINEPUB

Director: Cristian Pop
Scriptwriter: Robert Antonescu
Cast: Vasile Onica, Dragoș Olaru
Produced by: UNATC „ I.L. Caragiale”
Cinematography by: Tudor Platon
Film editing by: Bogdan Orcula
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  Available only in Romania

205,735 – Cinepub viewers


Young and without any experience, a guy gets struck earlier in life by hard times. On his way to maturity he’s supposed to make a difficult choice. Who’s going to win: the toaster or the bicycle?

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Many of us ask ourselves why is it necessary to take the step forward into the adult life? Who makes us do that? The family? The social code? The biological watch? Yet it happens sometimes that this step is an easy one to take. It is not the case of the character played by Vasile Onica, though.

For him, the idea of being an adult is a burden. He runs away from growing up in full process of becoming an adult. This is the subtle mechanism of the film signed by Cristian Pop in which a young man takes the step forward.


„O.K., I got it – I need to be more responsible and get more involved, and trust me, I’m doing my best, but it’s not easy!”
„The old tune: just leave the bike and get yourself a job!”
„You wanna talk like men? Then listen: You are an arrogant!”
„What do you want? To forget? To wake up in the morning and everything to be fine? It doesn’t work like this… You have to put your ass to work and realize what to do with your own life.”


  • Athens Drama Short Film Festival, International Competition – Greece
  • Manaki Brothers International Film Festival, Student Program, Bitola – Macedonia


  • Best Actor award, International Student Film Festival CineMAiubit – Romania, 2015
  • Jury Special Award, DaKino International Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Best Romanian Short Award, NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2016